Tips for Finding an International Civil Engineering Job

A person looking for a civil engineering job in various countries is advised to search the Internet, particularly online recruitment sites. Employment opportunities for a civil engineer in foreign countries are plentiful. The applicant who is seeking a foreign career in civil engineering should be ready with his or her resume, health records, and letters of reference for possible submission to the employer himself or herself or to the recruitment agency. It would be advisable to make a list of the available positions to be able to select the best vacancy.

Careers for civil engineers are available in Canada, Australia, Kuwait, England, Singapore, and Saudi Arabia, to name a few. The jobs are open to applicants from all countries. Various kinds of engineering works are offered, including those involving design, construction, systems design, technology, management, and computer systems.

A civil engineer can also get a job in the growing economy of the Czech Republic. Some companies advertise for positions where successful applicants will be based in the Czech Republic but will manage worldwide projects that employ artificial turfs. One such company has business relationships with 45 nations and is expanding in Europe. The perfect candidate for the position knows several languages, has engineering experience, can work autonomously, well-versed in human relations, and likes to travel. The applicant must submit a written application and a resume. He or she should also accomplish an online application and be prepared for a telephone interview.

Civil engineers can also work as petroleum consultants in various countries in North America, South America and Africa. The applicant must have at least 10 years experience in the petroleum industry. The salary will depend on the applicant’s experience. The applicant will have to present a resume, letters of reference and health records. A physical examination is a requisite and so is a telephone interview.

Civil engineers can also work as a contracts supervisor in Australia. The successful applicant would coordinate and supervise business construction, ensure compliance with all regulations and standards, and implement the requisite safety processes and equipment. The applicant must be experienced in construction work and supervision, and be knowledgeable in contracts, quality systems and safety procedures.

Civil engineering students can also participate in experiential learning programs, such as those in Guatemala. Various positions are available for work-study and volunteer work. Candidates must love their chosen area and they need not have any experience. Cross-cultural experiences are provided and immersion in the Spanish language is among the values provided by this program. Individuals, couples and families from any country can apply.

Applicants will have to undergo a telephone interview and a personal interview if possible. They should prepare their resumes and written applications. The usual volunteers are graduate or undergraduate civil engineering students, including secondary aged students who want to expand their experiences in the civil engineering profession. Most of the volunteers and students are advocates of sustainable development, women’s and cross-cultural issues, and medical care.

Civil engineering jobs, electrical engineering jobs, and jobs in other engineering disciplines can be found in almost any country, so location is not a problem for the engineer who wants to try working overseas.