Offshore Drilling Jobs – Job Opportunities in Deepwater Drilling

It’s no secret that the oil and gas industries are big business, making billions of dollars annually and contributing significantly to the economies of whole countries. Working in these industries can be lucrative too, even for the average person, one who has no extensive educational background. As long as one is physically fit, has a good work attitude, and has some relevant work experience, then there’s probably no reason why one can’t apply for an offshore drilling job and make a good living out of it.

Where to Apply for Offshore Oil and Gas Jobs

You can, of course, try finding oil rig jobs with the largest and most well-known companies such as BP and Shell. However, drilling contractors offer excellent job opportunities too. These contractors are hired by the major oil and gas companies to do wildcatting work, that is, drill an exploratory well, or to develop it for production. Hence, an oil or gas drilling contractor has its own offshore oil rigs, which are manned by workers hired by that particular contractor. Different types or rigs can be used, depending on the depth of the waters to be plumbed.

Here is a list of some of drilling contractors that offer offshore drilling work opportunities:

- Diamond Offshore
- Seadrill
- Transocean Sedco Forex
- Noble Corporation
- PetroMenas AS
- Eastern Drilling ASA
- Scorpion Offshore Inc.
- Thule Drilling ASA
- Frigstad Offshore Pte Ltd.
- Maersk Contractors

These are just a few of the hundreds of oil and gas drilling companies that dig for offshore oil and gas on behalf of the big energy companies, and with whom someone interested in working on an offshore rig can find a job. They advertise vacant positions on their websites; all you need to do is to send them your CV and you can be sure of a good chance of getting hired if your qualifications meet the job requirements.

Offshore Drilling Rig Job Vacancies

There are many types of jobs on an offshore drilling rig, and the chances of you getting one depends on your ability to meet the requirements set out by the company. Some jobs that entail significant responsibilities, such as superintendent and supervisory positions, require applicants to have extensive offshore drilling experience as well possess certain licenses or certifications. The requirements for other types of positions, such as drillers and technicians, are not quite so stringent, but most of them do require applicants to have relevant industrial experience. What a number of people do is to first acquire that experience by working on a land-based rig; this helps improve the chances of getting hired to work on an offshore oil or gas rig.

Offshore rigs are necessarily self-sufficient since they are located far out to sea. Hence, there are also job opportunities for positions to maintain quality of life: there’s a need for chefs or cooks to prepare food for the crew; doctors or other medical professionals to see to health needs; technicians to take care of various engineer jobs.

Employee Benefits on a Deepwater Drilling Rig

Workers’ salaries differ according to position. Drillers make about USD300 to USD400 a day; those in higher positions and with greater job responsibilities naturally earn more.

Offshore rig workers are well-compensated not only in terms of wages, but in terms of benefits too. For instance, employers can provide life, accidental death, dismemberment, and dependent life insurance in addition to short- and long-term disability insurance. Employees also benefit from things like employee assistance plans, flexible spending accounts, and 401k plans. They are likewise allotted generous non-working time; schedules usually have them working 14 days then getting an off period of 14 to 21 days. Transportation costs to and from the deepwater rig during these times are borne by the offshore company.

There are many other aspects to working in an offshore drilling job and while it can be a physically demanding occupation, the personal and professional experience it brings can be vastly rewarding.