Nursing Jobs in Dubai - Career Opportunities for Expat Nurses 

Dubai's medical sector is growing by leaps and bounds, keeping pace with other industries that make this part of the UAE an attractive destination for foreign workers.  To people seeking foreign employment jobs are plentiful in Dubai.

There is an abundance of jobs for nurses  in Dubai at facilities like corporate offices, hospitals, wellness centers, and other medical institutions which are world-class in terms of technology and level of care.  For example, there’s the world-famous American Hospital Dubai, which boasts of the latest medical equipment and technology. The Emirates Hospital is another medical facility that is held in high esteem within the region for its state-of-the-art facilities and highly trained medical personnel – including the nurses.

What nursing jobs are available in Dubai?

There are many, and here are just a few of them:
- Staff nurses
- Emergency room nurses
- Intensive care or critical care nurses
- Pediatric nurses
- Dental care nurses
- Nursing directors and assistant directors for various hospital departments

There are other places apart from the big hospitals though, where nurses can get medical jobs. If you browse through recruitment jobs listings, you might find openings for school nurses in Dubai, or perhaps company nurses. Employment opportunities for traveling nurses, or nurses who are hired on a temporary basis, look to be optimistic in Dubai as well. Then there’s also the possibility of being hired as an assistant by another medical professional; for example, dentists in private practice might be looking for dental nurses to assist them in their clinics. You might also want to consider working for a family, functioning as a private nurse or caregiver to someone who needs personal nursing care.

Because of these options and more, there's an excellent chance for you to grow your career in nursing by working in Dubai.

What are the benefits of a nursing career in Dubai?

Registered and qualified nurses enjoy numerous benefits in Dubai. This is why it is one of the prime destinations in the world among expat nursing professionals. Among the perks of working in Dubai as a nurse are:
- Good salaries
- Free or subsidized living quarters or accommodations
- Medical insurance
- Generous paid leave
- Paid-for air fare to and from nurses' country of origin
-Absence of income tax

Salaries can be affected by factors such as the applicant’s race or country of origin, where he or she was educated and trained, the responsibilities involved in the job, job position, and level of experience. More information can be learned from the numerous career job sites that cater to Dubai job seekers. Some good websites to visit if you’re searching for a Dubai nursing job are:


These sites and many more can help you get your foot in the Dubai healthcare world by alerting you of job vacancies or by submitting your resumé to prospective employers whose requirements you fulfill. This is something that thousands of people do, whether they’re looking to expand their medical career or find engineering jobs overseas. Dubai is a haven for all employment seekers.

To find a job as a nurse in Dubai is to realize an excellent career opportunity as well as to experience the prestige and excitement of working in high-tech, first-class health institutions in a country undergoing an explosive growth.