Engineering Jobs in Dubai Engineer Jobs in UAE

Dubai must surely rank near the top of the list when it comes to sheer number of job openings. The high demand for workers there encompasses virtually all industries, including engineering.

Perhaps even more so, since this most strategic of business and leisure destinations in the Middle East is in a construction overdrive mode, with buildings and other structures being erected on a daily basis. Unsurprisingly, there are myriad opportunities for getting an engineering job in Dubai.

What kinds of engineering jobs are available in Dubai?

Engineering is a very broad field of discipline, but whatever your engineering specialty, you can almost be certain that there will be a job that’s a match for your skills, or one that comes close to it. If you perform an online search on the various jobs websites, you’ll see that these are some of the types of engineer jobs that are in demand in Dubai:

- mechanical engineering jobs
- geotechnical engineering jobs
- maritime engineering jobs
- electric engineering jobs
- procurement engineering jobs
- water treatment engineering jobs
- engineering technicians and supervisors
- oil and gas engineering jobs (offshore and onshore)
- chemical engineering jobs
- civil engineering jobs
- structural engineering jobs


And the list goes on. The construction boom in Dubai that began a number of years ago shows no signs of abating. If anything, the pace seems to be accelerating even more. And where there’s construction going on, jobs for engineers are never far behind. Also, it isn’t just during a construction boom when an engineer’s services are needed; he or she is likewise important during the post-construction and maintenance periods.

Why Get a Dubai Job?


As mentioned earlier, jobs in Dubai are highly sought after – in almost any industry. One of the reasons for this is that contract jobs there come with a healthy salary and benefits package. Some jobs for engineers offer a salary of USD80,000 to USD120,000 annually, and includes health insurance as well as annual air fare to and back from the employee’s home country.

Another observation that expat workers have made about living and working in Dubai has to do with the sheer vitality of the city. Its transformation into the premiere business and leisure destination in the UAE and the Middle East in general means there’s always something going on and that there are never-ending opportunities to meet and interact with people from all over the world on a daily basis. The chance to participate in Dubai’s growth – and earn well besides – is one of the allures of working there.
Jumpstarting Your Dubai Engineering Career

It’s a lot easier now for an engineer to get information on job vacancies abroad. Employment agencies and engineering consultants maintain an online presence and offer data you’ll need to know about what a Dubai engineering job listing entails. Visiting sites like is a good way to get your engineer job search started. Many of these Dubai recruitment sites recommend you submit your CV to them so that if an opening comes up and you’re qualified then you’d be contacted for the next step for acquiring that job.

So if you’re seriously considering taking a foreign post, whether it’s a construction job abroad or electrical jobs or mechanical jobs or telecom jobs, or most any other kinds of jobs, Dubai is one place you should definitely consider.