Construction Jobs Overseas 

Finding a construction job abroad is made easier with the wealth of information available online. There’s always construction going on in virtually every part of the world, but it seems building activity in certain countries are greater than in others. In any case, working in construction in another country can be a fun and valuable learning experience.

What kind of work can you expect in international overseas construction jobs? There are various occupations that need to be filled within the overseas building trades, so whatever skill level you have, there’s a great chance of finding work.

Some general construction industry jobs you can expect to apply for are:

-Carpenter jobs
-Bricklayer jobs
-Steel fixer jobs
-Ceiling fixer jobs
-Joiner jobs
-Plasterer jobs
-Concrete formwork jobs

Employers hiring workers for hands-on, labor-intensive jobs in the construction industry like the ones mentioned above tend to emphasize a prospect’s work experience over level of education. The more extensive your construction sector background, the better your prospects of landing a job.

If you’re interested in managerial positions with the construction industry, then your educational background is also something that potential employers will consider. A degree in disciplines such as civil engineering or construction science will improve your chances of landing a higher-paying construction sector job abroad.

What is it like to work as an overseas construction worker?


For all the modern tools and equipment general construction workers are using nowadays, the job still entails a lot of manual labor. But if you’ve worked in construction before, then you’re probably already used to working long hours, working overtime, and working in cramped quarters or partially open structures. What you’ll probably need to get used to are things like the weather and the work culture in a foreign country.

Salary depends on the type of construction job you’re hired for, the size of the company that employs you, your job responsibilities, and your work experience. Those who have been working in the construction industry for five years or more can naturally expect to be paid higher than someone with only a year of experience.

How do I go about applying for international overseas construction jobs?

One of your best bets is to visit recruitment agencies, the majority of which have an online presence. A recruitment agency’s job is to find suitable candidates for employers while also helping job applicants develop their careers. If you’re interested in working in Dubai, for example, search for agencies that post about job openings in Dubai’s construction industry. Many of these recruitment agencies serve employers in several countries simultaneously, so there are greater job choices for you.

Create an attractive CV. A resume of three pages or so detailing your relevant experience should be sufficient to present to a potential employer. Make sure to provide the exact details of construction projects you have worked on, especially your job responsibilities for those projects. And don't forget to provide valid references! They reinforce your work history.

You’ll find construction jobs abroad easier too, with a little knowledge of current events. For instance, if you’re aware that London is the host city for the 2012 Olympic Games then chances are there will be plenty of construction projects there in preparation for the event. Your next step would be to locate a recruitment agency offering construction sector jobs in London.

Experience, education, common sense - these are some of what you need to have to be hired in any building trade, whether you’re seeking to fill a domestic position or looking for a construction job overseas.