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  1. Opportunities for Administration Jobs in Dubai and Admin Jobs in the UAE
    Administration jobs cover a wide range of business functions, such as human resources, office administration, information technology, transportation, organizational management, purchasing, logistics, accounting, business development, contracts management, proposals management, and resources planning.
  2. Find Banking Jobs in Dubai - Tips for Working in Dubai's Financial Services Industry
    The financial services sector in the city represents about 11 percent of its GDP in 2008 and there has been a boom in the banking and finance industries before the recession set in. Even now that the recession has set in, there are still some opportunities for banking recruitment in Dubai.
  3. Chef Jobs in Dubai: Delicious Job Careers in Dubai's Hospitality Industry
    Chef jobs in Dubai, UAE, are indeed very much in demand because various kinds of cooking are required due to the wide range of nationalities living in the emirate. Chefs could work in hotels, office buildings, restaurants, casinos, spas, clubs, and food service companies.
  4. Opportunities for Construction Jobs in Dubai - Building and Engineering Jobs in Dubai
    There are still opportunities for construction jobs in Dubai despite the presence of a recession and a decline in the demand for construction as a result of the slowdown in this UAE emirate's real estate market.
  5. High Paying Dental Jobs in Dubai - Jobs for Dentists, Dental Hygienists, Dental Nurses, and Dental Technicians in Dubai
    When it comes to high paying dental jobs, Dubai can offer a lot of opportunities because there is a significant demand for a variety of medical workers in this United Arab Emirates (UAE) city.
  6. Finance Jobs: Dubai and the UAE Are Great for Financial Jobs?
    If you are looking for overseas finance jobs, Dubai might be one of the places you have considered or are considering for your career opportunities.
  7. Engineering Jobs in Dubai – Prospects for an Engineering Career in the UAE
    If you are looking to expand your engineering career internationally, is it a good time for you to look for engineering jobs in Dubai?
  8. Government Jobs in Dubai - Dubai Job Opportunities for Nationals and Expats
    It is said that expats make up the majority of Dubai's workforce, but does the same apply to government jobs in Dubai? Not necessarily.
  9. Hot and High-Paying Hospitality Jobs in Dubai, UAE
    If you are thinking about looking for international hospitality jobs, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates might be the place for you to consider.
  10. Looking for Insurance Jobs in Dubai?
    With the various types of insurance companies that are present in Dubai, as well as numerous firms with insurance departments, there is more than a slight chance of finding the right type of insurance job in Dubai.
  11. Tips to Find Shipping Jobs in Dubai
    Dubai's ports are incredibly busy all year round and provide some fantastic opportunities for employment but getting shipping jobs in Dubai is not as easy as many people take for granted.
  12. Part Time Jobs in Dubai
    Living and working in Dubai can be an awful lot of fun these days but getting to that point may be a problem if you are looking for part time jobs in Dubai. It is a popular misconception that finding part time jobs there is easier than finding full time jobs and the former is a better entry point into the latter.
  13. Nursing Jobs in Dubai
    Nursing jobs in Dubai are in high demand today. As one of the industries that allows fully qualified professionals to fill vacancies anywhere in the world they like, nurse pretty much have license to go wherever they like.
  14. Medical Jobs in Dubai
    Saving a life is an amazing gift that very few people get to enjoy but if you are one of them then you may not realize just how many opportunities you have open to you at the moment.
  15. Opportunities for Media Jobs in Dubai
    If you work in the media industry and are looking for a new challenge then you may want to look at moving to a different part of the world and trying to better yourself and your career opportunities there.
  16. Marketing Jobs in Dubai
    Many people that are looking for a change of scenery are looking to get a job abroad. More accessible than ever before, marketing jobs in Dubai may give you an option that you have not yet considered if you are looking to move somewhere with a good climate, a better quality of life and an all round fantastic level of health and happiness.
  17. Find High Paying Legal Jobs in Dubai
    It is every law student's dream to make a difference in the legal world and make a lot of money whilst they are at it, but did you know that you do not have to limit yourself to legal jobs in your home country?
  18. Finance Jobs in Dubai
    Did you know that finding finance jobs in Dubai is much easier today than it used to be? Dubai is a wonderful place to live and work these days, with amazing prospects and a fantastic quality of life available for anyone looking to forge a life there.
  19. Interior Design Jobs in Dubai
    If you are interested in overseas interior design jobs, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates might just be a good fit for your desires and requirements.