Living and Working in the Ukraine - Interviews with Expats that are Living in the Ukraine

Expats in the Eastern European country of Ukraine experience both the good and the bad of living in a nation rocked by the effects of so many changes. T

he people are hardworking and highly literate, the architecture is stunning, and contrary to popular perception, the weather is favorable. The old and the new co-exist with each other, providing a memorable experience for the expats living there.

A Weak American in Russia & Ukraine

Walter is an American writer who divides his time between Washington, D.C. and Kyiv (Kiev) in Ukraine. He is the author of the book A Weak American in Russia & Ukraine, which details various aspects of the post-Soviet life there. In this interview, he shares some of the contradictions that living in Ukraine can bring, and the deeper, more meaningful dimensions of Ukrainian life behind the picturesque scenery.