Expats in Turkey! Interviews With People Living And Working In Turkey.

Know more about what it's like for expats to live in a country such as Turkey, a land that's an enchanting blend of European and Middle Eastern ancient and modern culture. Classical sites like the biblical city of Ephesus, the unforgettable cuisine, and the warmth of the people are only three of the reasons that make living in Turkey an unforgettable experience.

A Travel Writer in Istanbul Shares Her Experiences

The hidden gems in Istanbul are just part of what Helen appreciates about living in Turkey. She works as a writer and editor for an online travel guide, and here she describes why she fell in love with the city and decided to stay. She also gives some tips on things to do and learn in Istanbul.

A UK Expat on the Joys and Frustrations of Living in Fethiye, Turkey

Assimilating into the local culture has its challenges and its rewards, as British expat Claudia has learned since moving to Fethiye, Turkey. Here she shares some of her insights on everyday life in Fethiye and gives some tips on what to expect if you are planning to relocate to her part of Turkey.

Living in the Side area of Turkey

British expat Terry thought of moving to Turkey because it had what she wanted and needed to enjoy her early retirement. It's a decision she has not regretted. Here, she tells us what life is like for her as a foreigner in an area called Side, gives some tips on the cost of living and housing, and shares advice for those planning to live in Turkey.

Living where Europe and Asia meet - Istanbul!

Seeing the coming together of East and West is a daily experience for Verity, an Australian expat who lives with her family in Turkey. Here she shares her thoughts and experiences about living in the modern-yet-ancient city of Istanbul, the sights and sounds she appreciates on a daily basis. Verity also advises would-be expats in Turkey on things like understanding the locals and cost of living issues.

A Dutch Rose in Turkey

Leaving her home in Holland for warmer climates led this Dutch expat, who calls herself The Rose, to Bitez, Turkey. She tells us how she came to move to Turkey, the steps she took to get a job, her likes and dislikes about living in Turkey. Her advice to would-be expats? Learn the language and do your research. It's what she did.

American in Turkey

Living in the small city of Bandirma in Turkey has its ups and downs for an American expat called Ms. Kalada. Here she talks about what she plans to do in Turkey if she decides to live there permanently, and the things she loves to see and do in Turkey.