Expats In Thailand! Interviews With People Living Or Working In Thailand

Here you'll find the interviews we've done with expats who are living in Thailand. You will find out how they did it and you will learn the reasons why they love living in Thailand. It's the land of the smiles is what people say about Thailand. The people are very friendly and the living standard is very good if you compare it to other Asian countries.

Expatriate Entrepreneur on Living and Working in Bangkok for a Decade

A sense of humor, a good head for business, and an appreciation of learning and travel are some of the things that German-born Karsten brought with him to Thailand in 2006. Read his interview for tips on moving to Bangkok, observing (or not) the local customs, and the cost of living in the Land of Smiles.

Expat Norman From Wales Discovering Beautiful Thailand With His Thai Wife

Having a sense of humor and the person you love with you can make life easier and lots more fun, as seems to be the case with Norman, who comes from Wales and now lives with his wife in Thailand. Here, he shares about various aspects of expat life in the countryside and some tips on to do and avoid doing in Thailand.

Started in New Zealand, sailed around the world and for now I call Australia home!!

Originally from New Zealand, JJ can probably be called an expert when it comes to expat living, having resided in several countries before finally settling down in Brisbane, Australia. Learn about how she indulges her passion for travel while keeping her feet firmly on the ground with the business she set up, and read her advice on how to get along with the locals. JJ Stranan

Living in Thailand - 8 years of the good and the bad

One thing you can say about English expat Simon's eight years of living in Thailand -- it hasn't been boring! Read about his work in the telecoms field and as a police volunteer and find out why he loves living in the southern part of the country.

Action, Sports, Adventure: The Story of a UK Expat Living in Thailand

There are many things UK expat Dan loves about living in Bangkok, Thailand, some of which he describes here. He is also passionate about action and adventure sports, something he wants others to experience in Thailand.

Urban Wars and Smiles: A European Expat's Take on the Good and Bad of Living in Thailand

Focus on the good, not the bad -- that's one of the tips Justo gives to those who are planning on moving to Bangkok, Thailand, where he has been living for the past two years. This European expat also shares his advice about things like the importance of learning the local language, job prospects for other foreigners, and the cost of living in Bangkok.

Professional Expatting Around Bangkok...

Living in other countries isn't a new experience for Catherine; she's been doing it for so many years. Now she lives in Bangkok, Thailand, where she plans to stay permanently. Read her interview to find out why Bangkok is just right for her, the things she likes and dislikes about living there, and her passion for learning Thai.

My Bangkok

There are quite a few things American expat Nick enjoys about living in Bangkok. Read his interview to learn what they are, as well as some of the things he's learned that expats in Thailand would do well to learn about, too.

Living the Thailand Dream

The ever-present sunshine, the warm and friendly people, and the low cost of living are some of the things that British expat Mike is enjoying in Thailand. He also shares some aspects of what it's like to live in a rural area in Thailand and several tips about adjusting to Thai culture and attitudes.

Colin: A British Expat Living in Thailand

Hefting coconuts isn't the only thing Englishman Colin can be found doing in Thailand, where he lives with his wife and works as a full-time writer. Having lived in the Land of Smiles for some time - in Chiang Mai and more recently, in Lang Suan - it's the country he now calls home. Read on for more of Colin's expat life in Thailand and his advice for those planning to move abroad.