Expats in Sweden! Interviews With People Living And Working In Sweden

Meet expats who are living and working in Sweden. This country has fascinating folklore and is abundant in natural attractions, and the Swedes are known as people who are intellectual and fun-loving. Political and social problems notwithstanding, Sweden is a country where foreigners can experience the impact of both progress and tradition.

Life in the Forest of Fika - a New Yorker moves to small-town Sweden

How is a big-city girl like Amy finding small-town life? New Yorker Amy shares plenty of her observations about living in Växjö, Sweden, which seems thousands of miles away from the Big Apple, and not just in terms of physical distance. Read on to think what she thinks of the Swedish people, speaking and writing the language, and the prospect of raising children there.

Nicole: An Australian expat living and working in Sweden

Australian expat Nicole has been living so long in Sweden that she now feels very much at home there. In her interview, she describes what she likes most - and least - about living and working in Sweden. She also offers practical and useful information for would-be expats in Sweden, such as the cost of living there, as well as tips on what to expect when it comes to local attitudes and culture. Nicole in Sweden

Let Me Tell You About Sweden: British Expat Shane's Story

Originally from Great Britain, Shane now lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. Here he describes aspects of his expat life there: from experiencing the sport of bandy for the first time, to the cost of food and drink, to housing rental rates, and to some observations about Swedish attitudes and behavior.

Living in Sweden: Part of American expat Misty’s nomadic lifestyle

Moving from the USA to Sweden wasn’t initially in Misty’s plans about three and a half years ago. Now, however, she and her husband are living in the university town of Umeå, where she works as a freelance writer and scientific proofreader. Here she shares some aspects of her expat life in Sweden and gives a few tips on what to expect when it comes to moving and living there. misty and cat