South America

Breaking the barriers at the end of the world: A Croatian expat's story in Chile

Croatian-born expat Srechko is no newbie when it comes to living abroad. He had spent some time living in Canada before deciding to move to Santiago, Chile, to teach English. Here he describes his desire to improve his Spanish-language fluency, one's ability to get by on a fairly low budget, and his appreciation of how Chileans in Santiago generally treat expats like him.

A Chilean Expat Living in Belgium

It has been more than five years since Leylandra left her home in Chile to move to Belgium, where she now lives and works in the city of Leuven with her husband. Her desire to live and work in an international setting is being fulfilled as she has made friends with many other expats as well as Belgians. Here she describes how learning French and English has been good for her job and everyday life, the cost of some goods, and what she thinks about some aspects of Belgian behavior.

Living in Colombia: An American Retiree Expat's Point of View

While he admits it is a beautiful and relatively inexpensive place to live, American expat Tony feels that Colombia is not the place where he wants to spend the rest of his life. Read on to learn about his experiences and insights about the people of and the cost of living in Colombia.

Isn't this what everyone dreams of? Living by the beach in Rio de Janeiro?

Originally British, but becoming Brazilian -- that's how Natasha describes herself. She has been living with her family in Brazil for four years, most recently in Rio de Janeiro, a cosmopolitan, multicultural city that's full of things to do. She describes her expat life there and gives tips on things like the cost of living and speaking the language.

Started in New Zealand, sailed around the world and for now I call Australia home!!

Originally from New Zealand, JJ can probably be called an expert when it comes to expat living, having resided in several countries before finally settling down in Brisbane, Australia. Learn about how she indulges her passion for travel while keeping her feet firmly on the ground with the business she set up, and read her advice on how to get along with the locals. JJ Stranan

Living in Santiago -- Not Your Typical Latin American City

She has lived in various places all over the world, and now this American expat tells us what life is like for her in Santiago, Chile. Find out why she thinks Santiago isn't like any other Latin American city, her observations about the local culture and people, and why learning to speak the local language can be very important.

Peru: Great food, kind and beautiful people, affordable and fascinating places to visit, and new, exciting things to do!

It has been more than two years since American-born Peter moved to Peru, and during that time he has experienced something akin to being a jack-of-all-trades. A resilient sort of fellow himself, he advises expats-to-be and other expats to remain calm when culture shock sets in. He also gives helpful information on matters such as the local cost of living, and shares what for him are the pros and cons of residing there.

Family Sells Everything and Runs Away to Buenos Aires

What's it like for an American family of four to live in Buenos Aires, Argentina? Expats Michele and Tom have been living there with their two young daughters, and here they describe why they moved to Argentina, the adjustments their family has had to make to conform to local practices, and what they love the most (and the least) about living in Buenos Aires.

An American in Bahia, Brazil

Brazil has a magical pull on American expat Michael, who lives in the city of Salvador in Bahia. Here he gives very useful information on topics like what it costs to live in Brazil, employment opportunities (or lack thereof), and learning to speak the local language. Life in Brazil, and Bahia in particular, is an emotional roller coaster for him, and he's loving every minute of it.

Creating a new life in Porto Alegre, Brazil

This American expat who goes by the name Loquinha Gauchinha has lived outside the United States before, but Brazil, where she's located now, has found a place in her heart. She describes here the joys and challenges she experiences living in Brazil, as well as some aspects of her expat life in a not-so-prominent city in the southern part of the country.