Schools/ Admission - Kampala, Uganda

Dear Readers,

This post is coming post my experience with admission process here in Kampala for my daughter.

I moved to Uganda in November 2010, completely unaware about challenges in admission process. For some reason, there is a huge waiting list for admission in school with international curriculum. (maybe more expats and less seats for students) 

That time, my daughter was supposed to go to play school and I was looking for her admission in middle of the ongoing term. Aga Khan junior was recommended by many Indians living in Kampala, had no place for my daughter and I was not aware of other good Kindergarten Schools. To my surprise, there was a waiting for KG class of 2 years.

So for 2 years, my daughter cannot go to school as there was no seat available, unless any parent withdraw admission of their kid from the school (and I was on wait list number 21, so for me it has to be 21 parents to withdraw admission of their kids for my daughter’s admission; highly unlikely).

With some research, I got to know about few more Kindergarten schools and shortlisted:

1. Acorns International

2. Spring dales

After visiting both the schools, Acorns looked very promising for my daughter (and it turned out to be more than my expectation "Thank You Acorns"). Now I was in peace, completely unaware of next challenge.

I was under the impression that schools announces whenever the start registration for next term, and was waiting for that announcement (that's how it was in India). Though, I was also trying to check what school I should put my daughter in.

Many mixed opinions came my way, majorly for Aga Khan and DPS International.

Aga Khan had a big waiting list of 2 - 3 years for Grade 1 and DPS was quick to take my daughters admission in school. Personally I was not impressed with the school infrastructure so I removed it from my preference list, but Aga Khan was still miles away for admission.

Now traffic is terrific here in Kampala, and distance between Aga Khan and my home always have a serious traffic jam (morning for drop and evening for pick); but till now I have no other option. (having butterfly in stomach by now)

Then I got to know about 5 international schools: 


  1. ISU
  2. Rainbow International
  3. Kabira International
  4. Heritage International
  5. Ambrosoli


ISU was far and to be honest, beyond my budget, so it is out and only 4 are left.

Now for apart from Heritage school (American curriculum) rest all have British curriculum. So my preference is as follow: 


  1. Kabira (not sure)
  2. Rainbow ( I guess they also have school bus)
  3. Ambrosoli (self pick and drop)
  4. Heritage (school Bus)


All 4 are good schools and I got lucky with my daughters admission in Heritage. School is very nice; huge campus, good teachers with school bus (this is the biggest advantage here, as you save yourself from travelling to pick and drop your child in this traffic)

My suggestion to you is; the moment you land in Kampala and have to put your child in a good International school. These are the only 5 good international schools I have heard in last 1 year. You must within first week of arrival; shortlist schools based on your location of home and fill an application for admission of your ward. Otherwise you might have to compromise with your child’s school and always have guilt of not doing homework before making this move.

Happy reading