The Real Truth - Life in The Philippines

Let me introduce myself simply as Justin.  A relative of mine sent me an email with the link to this site. I have briefly read through all of the other expats experiences here in the Philippines - to see that mostly everyone has nothing but positive things to say. This is a deception in my honest opinion. Maybe it's just like any other thing when someone is trying to promote their product no matter what it be - you always hear nothing but "good" reviews. Everyone is giving the false perception that being an expat makes life easy-street here in the Philippines. Maybe the few that have posted in here are / were lucky. But there are a majority of ex-pats living here in the Philippines, that do not enjoy the freedoms the previous posters have went on about.

 Noone mentioned the expats (Americans) that live on the streets in Manila. How bout the Mountain Man, who lives in the jungles near Penatubo?  I am 30 years old and live in Angeles City, Philippines with my wife & 2 daughters. Most expats that I come across that live here are dressed worse than most filipinos and smell like they haven't taken a bath in years.  If you're just visiting here, you most likely would never notice such a thing with the high traffic of tourist foreigners, that come here to have sex with young bargirls - not to mention underage children as well.  It's true the people here are very friendly to foreigners but for only one reason - "Money"  They assume because you're foreign your rich. Of course everyone treats you with smiles & waves.
The Pretty girls walking down the street that pass by you, and greet you with a friendly hello. Waving their long ravenous hair about and giving you that glimmer in their eye.  They tell you, you are handsome and ask if you are single. The Niave foreigner falls for these charms, these girls really have no inclination towards you whatsoever, just what's in your wallet. Have a look around at the expats that live here, 50 - 60 -70 years old, but they got teenage or early 20 year year old girls attached to their shoulders.

Of course these expats glorify the philippines, one of the few places in the world where a rusted baggy pile of bones can sleep with girls young enough to be their daughters or even worse granddaughters. These girls with these old bag of bones, are only with them because they were in a desperate situation and this fossil offered them an escape. Don't be fooled, by the charms - In reality Filipinos make fun of foreigners, talk smack about them behind their back. Most of you guys that have girlfriends here , but go back to the states. Your girlfriends have filipino boyfriends & they are being supported by YOU.

 Unless you'rejust plain lucky or have money to burn to start your own successful business. You're most likely S.O.L. for finding any form of work here that won't get you a 10,000 php fine up to 3 years in prison and after you've served your time - deportation. That's what happens if you get caught working without a visa.  How bout the corrupted governmental system? A beautiful girl walks up to you. You take her to your hotel room. She goes & takes a shower. She comes out naked with that mischevious grin on her face. Though something is out of place, why is she carrying her cellphone? Seconds later the police open your hotel room on you with the Manager of the establishment. The police now are threatening to have you put behind bars for sleeping with an underage girl unless you "pay them off" Welcome to the Philippines.


You hop into a cab in Manila. You notice the meter is turned off. You ask the driver to take you the airport. 5 minutes later you're there. "That will be 1000 peso, sir." If you don't pay you might just have a fight on your hands. Been there, done that. Won the fight.  So forewarning never jump into a cab without the meter turned on.  Pay close attention to if the Cabbie is running around in circles to run the meter higher - they love to do that.


You go to a doctor referred to you by your neighbor. Your neighbor says it only cost 70php for an office visit. When you're done at the doctor, the clerk tells you 500php. Welcome to the Philippines. Where if you're foreign, you get a special tax we like to call the "Skin tax"  

Congratulations you're married and your wife is having your first child. You rush her to the clinic as she goes into labor. You're told the child was exposed to Hepatitus B, you need to vaccinate her. The shots cost more than the actual labor bill cost. 3000php later your new daughter is injected with her 1st of 3 booster shoots needed. You go home only to find out that the real cost is supposed to be 900php. Welcome to the Philippines.


Your DVD player breaks. You just bought it 3 months ago. You carry it back and the retail location refuses to exchange it. So you buy another one. A more expensive one. It cost you $60.  You have it for 1 week, and it breaks. Welcome to the Philippines.


You finally find a grocery store that sells FRESH WHOLE MILK just like back home. You drop $7 for four 1 liter bottles (1 gallon) and take it home. As you sit down and crack open the bottle while flipping through channels to savor the taste of REAL MILK and not the powdered crap your wife has been buying. A foul smell emits from the bottle its spoiled..... It cost you over 150php in travel expenses just to get to the grocery store & you paid 80php for the 1 liter bottle of milk....


You don't feel like going to the grocery store, so you decide to send your wife to the market to grab something to eat. She brings back fish & fries it up.  The fish feels funny as you eat it. Your tongue feels weird... One hour water your drooling all over yourself and your lips and tongue are numb. You run to the bathroom every 30 minutes crapping on yourself .....for days.... Welcome to the Philippines


You wake up in the middle of the night and hear all this scruffling noises in the kitchen. Damnit you think to yourself, we have rats. You sneak into the kitchen flip the light switch....To your horror there are over 30 cockroaches 2-3" long that disembark take flight into the air, and  / or scurry off.  Welcome to the Philippines.


Another night you hear a loud bang in the kitchen, this time when you flip the switch your welcomed to a rat the size of a small chihualhua. The bastard has used a can opener and started chowing down on your vienna sausages. Welcome to the Philippines.


It's been raining everyday for a solid week.  You head to the kitchen to make a snack only to see a living sea of ants scurrying about in your kitchen floor. Not the harmless tiny black ants. But giant fiery red ants. So many in fact that if you had of stepped into the kitchen into the swarm. You would probably be dead now and not reading this.  Welcome to the Philippines.

 Its a bright sunny morning, you stretch your arms and get out of bed. Walk outside to inhale the fresh.....wait....oh yes, you're in the Philippines not home...*sigh*  You wake up , walk outside and inhale the pugent smell of the pig farm to your north, and the grotesque river directly behind your apartment that is slap slam full of your very own feces since your landlord did not install a septic tank or septic system. The peso you pay the land lord every month to get rid of your trash goes directly behind your apartment and is dumped in the river along with your feces. There are mosquitoes everywhere breeding in this toxic sludge, along with the infinite supply of roaches & rats. Every now and then you happen to see a rotting corpse of a dog or cat floating in the sludge. Yes, welcome to the Philippines.

 You receive your power bill, and notice they've went up on the rates yet again. This is the 8th consective month in a row they've jacked prices. You pull out your calculator and begin to convert the 300 fees that are listed on your power bill and see just HOW much does it cost per KwH. After you're done you see you're paying almost 20 cents (USD) per KwH. Yet almost every sunday the electrical company decides to kill power to your whole area for 8+ hours a day. You even get charged a tax when your power is offline.  Welcome to the Philippines.

 You realize you cannot afford air conditioning and you are forced to just use fans. Now after living here 6 months you've developed a real nasty skin condition that looks like hundreds of tiny pimples bursting all over the hot spots of your body. Your armpits, the crack inbetween your shoulder. Your inner thighs, Behind your knees. It burns like fire, and nothing seems to relieve the pain except 2 weeks of laying in front of continual air flow. Welcome to the Philippines.

 Your internet provider hasn't sent your bill in 2 months. Come to think of it, they have NEVER sent the bill. They call you and tell you - you have 2 days to pay your bill or their disconnecting your internet. You tell them you haven't received the bill, and you would be more than happy to pay it WHEN THEY SEND THE BILL.  They say, we sent it sir... I have never received a bill, you reply to the rep. You call here every 2 months threatening to disconnect. We play the same game everytime. I tell you send the bill and I'll pay. 2 weeks later i get the bill after you call threatening to disconnect and I pay.  welcome to the Philippines.

 You go to pay your water bill, it's Noon. They've already closed for the day.. Welcome to the Philippines.

You go to renew your visa at immigration. Their closed. The sign says Closed for Holidays Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Welcome to the Philippines.

You go to pay your power bill. Its 4:00pm, They've already closed for the day when their hours are supposed to be till 5:00pm. Welcome to the Philippines.


You have a scheduled doctor appointment at 11am. You show up 30 minutes later. As you're waiting you notice the doctor slips out and leaves. The receptionist tells you to come back at 5pm as the doctor is now on a 6 hour lunch break. Welcome to the Philippines.

Noone has websites. Noone has online billpayment. A double cheeseburger cost you $2 at McDonalds & Eating out here in the Philippines at a restraunt that won't give you food poisoning is more expensive than in the USA. Welcome to the Philippines.

You go to the grocery store, because you're out of spices. You actually have to travel to 5 different grocery stores, to get the spices you need because none carry all or the same spices.  You begin to notice there's something different about the ground beef you been buying. It's too sweet. Too greasy. You begin to wonder is it really beef to begin with or something far...far worse.  As you pull out the slab of pork tenderloin you bought at the grocery store, you notice their are WORMS in the meat!!!!!  Welcome to the Philippines.

Longer your here, the more you begin to notice that 95% of the food in the grocery store isn't worth buying.  It taste horrible.  You wonder, is there no form of quality control whatsoever? Food, electronics, clothes, plastics, almost everything you buy is worse than the chinese made $1 items at Dollar General in the states. Then you realize there are the 0.01 CENT items that America Rejected and wouldn't allow in the states!

You feel exhausted, stressed to the point of going postal. You just want to jump off a bridge and end it all. But, it's time to make dinner for your family. God knows your wife burns toast, so its up to you to feed your babies something that you HOPE is not going to kill them.  As your chopping vegetables, and doing an autopsy on the meat you just bought. You come to realize there are no frozen foods, no frozen pizzas, no pot pies, no tv dinners, no sandwich meat.....Hardly anything you can find at the grocery store is "QUICK" food.  FML

You're only 30 years old, you're stranded here in this god forsaken waste land, and you've got an impeccable resume to land a high paying job, but you'll take anything at this point just to get OUT OF THE HOUSE.  With your resume proudly in your hands you head out the door. How hard can it be? You were making 65,000 USD last year this time. You saved a billion dollar account for your employer not once but twice and you even increased revenue flow in your market area by the Millions per month, even with the housing bubble bursting wide open. With a rap sheet like this. 10 years of customer service experience in every field imaginable in the planet. This should be cake!  8 months later you're still unemployed.....100+ locations later, you haven't even had 1 interview in person yet. A native filipino is hired before you for teaching english as they are more qualified at speaking english than you are...apparently... FML.


This is the whole-hearted truth behind the Philippines. Filipinos do not love foreigners. They love foreigners money. In reality Filipinos hate you. They hate us. They hate what we stand for, and they hate what the majority of the foreigners do when they come here.  And thats flaunt our money around, treat them like slaves, and have sex with their underage daughters.   Just remember that next time you're looking into the sparkling smiling eyes of a filipino. They hate you. They despise you. They only want whats in your wallet. If they could get away with it, they'd cut your throat and take all your valuables. You think i'm joking?  Get a group of natives together, get to drinking and start talking about how they feel about expats. You will see.

You would feel the same way, if foreigners were coming into the states, flaunting their money and raping your daughters too with the money you flaunt being enough to feed them for months at a time......


....Welcome to the Philippines




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Love the brutally honest review!

Comments on that article.

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You poor guy! I'm frieghtened for you and your family.
Come home! Come home now!

Beautiful Mindanao

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My heart goes out to Justin, who has suffered a terrible litany of rejections and exploitations.

My experience is to the contrary.

The Pinays I met and dealt with treated me with respect and concern.

They were scrupulous in their dealings with me.

They understood that I was there to give; not to get, and treat all of them, including the myriad attractive young ladies, with respect and christian love.

I ate, for 12 years, either in the homes of my friends or hotel dining rooms. I felt no financial pressures.
Once, in Manila, I requested a discount on my hotel bill and received a sixty percent discount after some haggling.

Pinoys are attractive, intelligent, principled people in my experience.
They have common sense and know right from wrong.

Perhaps if Jason made it plain that he and his are there to help, not to exploit, and asked filipino friends(or a maid?), to shop for him, life would become easier for him.
I am white, my wife is chinese, and neither of us experienced any racism whatsoever.
I am a minister in the Church of Christ and still received a cordial reception from many catholic bishops and priests over the years.
His memo reads as if Justins real problem is underfunding

Free advice: Find a filipino you really like and do everything you do with him and his family, and life will brighten up for you.

Wow.. all of this happened

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Wow.. all of this happened to you? Maybe it's better to get out of Angeles City. What you describe does happen from time to time.. everywhere in the world in one form or another...but it's how we handle or avoid these situations and the attitudes we exude that makes life good for everyone. Focus on the positive and the things that brought you to this basically wonderful country/people in the first place.. or move to where you will be happier.

Let me reiterate I am not

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Let me reiterate I am not living here by choice. I met my wife online. My previous job had me trekking all over the USA, every week. I was only home on weekends. My "outlet" to the world became online. I met her through a forum, then continued in Yahoo. At the time I met my wife - She was pregnant from another foreigner ; An American. Whom deserted her, when she refused to get an Aborption (Which is illegal in the 'pines).

Our 1st daughter is not biologically mine. I came here July 31st, 2008 for Gaia's 2nd Birthday (MY step-daughter). As well as to clear up immigration issues with her. I initially took a 2.5 week vacation, with 2 weeks in reserve if I needed the extra time. I ended up getting Dingue? (spelling?) Fever. I sent in for the remaining vacation request, along with doctors excuse. In response my company laid me off. Denied my vacation time, and kicked me. I lost everything in the states. Including transportation. IF i went back I'd be stuck at my parents with no form of transportation, and only my parents hometown for a method of work as they have no transportation reliable enough to drive 100+ km to the city. Problem is their hometown is a ghost town now thanks to the financial crisis.

IF I file repat, and go by to the United States, immigration becomes aware of our "financial" situation and the 3 years we've been working on all of this will be thrown out the window and I won't be able to be with my family again for another 2-3 years. An uncle of mine claims he'll let us borrow the money that we need to finish everything and fly back. "BUT" we've been waiting on that money forever now. I don't expect to ever get it. Most people like to just blow smoke. He recently became disabled and is waiting on his back-pay from the government and is supposed to give us the funds that way.

Immigration refused to allow me to file Gaia as an american citizen. The real father, I tracked down, and he refused to do it, unless we gave him full custody of Gaia. He's a petiphile. No way No how. He knew we would never give him custody, and he doesn't want Gaia in the USA, because then we can take him to court and force him to pay child support. While Gaia is "stuck" in the 'pines, he holds no financial liability, and there are no forms of laws to force him to pay support, or force immigration to make him take a DNA test - prooving he's the father. Immigration however agreed on letting us set her up as an "immigrant" and get a visa by filing a local I-130. Which would take 2-3 months vs. 2 -3 years. Which infuriates me even more, because it is illegal for the US government to issue a visa to a person who lays claim to citizenship. So their willing to "bend" the law in a less troublesome manner for themselves, but more troublesome for us, rather than just allowing us to file birth from abroad for her. Which is ALOT cheaper and faster. Birth from Abroad = $35+passport I-130 = $1000+

Gaia already caught tuberculosis here. Broke 4 of her front teeth, and had 2 cavities in her molars. I spent 3 months, going to dentists here in angeles trying to find one that WOULD EVEN work on her teeth. I had to ask via word of mouth, and got no where, I luckily stumbled upon a place that would pull her teeth. By that time though, the very same day we were going to get her teeth pulled, her cheek swelled up the size of a softball. They prescribed a form of antibiotic thats NOT EVEN used in the united states anymore, due to infections building a natural immunity to it. I forgot the name off-hand but my mother freaked out when i told her what antibiotic we got,, and claimed it hasnt been sold in the states for 10 or 20 years. So we had to go RIGHT back and get another prescription. We got her teeth pulled - but you can see my disconcern with the welfare of my children. My baby could have died, because all the dentists we came across here in AC refused to work on her teeth because of her AGE. They didn't care about her well being, they only cared for "easy" work.

I generalized when I stated ALL filipinos hate foreigners. i generalized when I say ALL foreigners here are here for no good. I know there's "bound" to be a few foreigners here. But, I was extremely aggitated at some of the ex-pats posts I can read in-between lines. The TRUTH, for "some" individuals is they're here to exploit "young women" even "little girls" to satisfy their lust. You don't come from the USA, Britain, Australia and glorify this place, and say you love it here because of the people, blah blah. I wouldn't keep my family here if someone was willing to pay me $10 million USD to stay here. No way No how.

I'm not to happy with the outreach groups here in the Philippines. I wrote EVERY missionary group that does work in the Philippines, and asked if there was ANYTHING i could to do to earn my family & myself keep. I told every group via e-mail - I would teach, I would construct, I would work, I would do anything if those groups would just put a roof over their heads and feed them. That way what money we do get from my family, can go directly to finishing immigration. While we "WAIT" on our uncle. I was ignored. Every single one.

Last time I wrote to American services via e-mail, about legalities behind Birth from abroad, I was ignored. My contact at American services kept trying to push me to immigration to deal with this, when its american services whose supposed to help. For a year now, we've been ignored, and pushed from one department to another. This is things that makes men lose their mind, and go "postal" or become an extremist!

Justin, If your life is that horrible here...

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EDIT: I posted this prior to seeing your last reply. But, that aside, you need to stop bitching, bite the bullet and stop being a bitch boy about your life here.

I lost my income here some years ago, and had to live in a bed spacer for more than a year. I did it, I didn't bitch and complain. I just carried on and lived my life. I lived as cheaply as I could, and made it through. You can do the same.

Just remember, you made your decisions. Now, stop blaming the Philippine for your mistakes.


Previous post, prior to reading your last reply:

If your life is that horrible here, you should definitely consider leaving. I can't see how you have managed to continue living here this long, in fact. With your attitude, you will never be happy here.

Did you do proper research prior to coming to the Philippines? Did you do ANY research prior to coming to the Philippines? Or, are you one of those ignorant Americans who simply sold all of his stuff in the states, moved half way around the world to be with his wife in "her" country, and expected it to be just like "home"? Man, guys like you have no business traveling outside the US. (Yes, I am an American, before you start to accuse me of being from some country who hates Americans.)

You probably stay here because, for whatever reason(s), you can't return to your home country. I have lived in the Philippines (Cebu / Visayas Region) for almost eight (8) years, and do not see the same things you see, whatsoever. Perhaps you should move to another area of the country. Of course, as I previously stated, I don't think you will be happy anywhere here, due to your attitude toward the country and its people.

Incidentally, Justin, I made it a point to post a link to your this page on my forums. Take a look to see what some of the members there said, both for and against your view:

For anyone who is new to traveling abroad, and may be interested in Asia to retire to, please consider this advice:

Do as much research as possible, on the country you wish to consider for your retirement years. Also, do more localized research on the specific area you are looking at retiring to, before even making your first visit here.

If you would like to consider the Philippines, make at least one trip here, first. Stay for as long as reasonably possible, prior to making a decision on living here.

Justin lives in Angeles City, on the northern large island of Luzon. It is well known for its nightlife, bars, prostitution, etc., along Field's Avenue anyway. That is only one small part of Angeles City, though. I wouldn't paint it as that bad of a place to live. Besides, it is your choice to stay out of the bars and to focus on the other areas of the city.

I live in the central part of the country, Cebu Province. If you are considering the Philippines as a place to retire, you may wish to consider Cebu. It is very "foreigner friendly" here.

For more information on Cebu, please visit the following sites:

Thanks for reading,


Take it how you want it.

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Take it how you want it. There's a hundred things in this country that will "aggravate" and "annoy" what Foreigners are used too in daily life. Everyone that's posted here has not reflected the annoyances of this place. i laid it out plain as day. I posted for those WHO haven't come here & have heard it cheaper. Gone are the days here its cheaper. At least In AC - but I've heard Cebu is even more expensive than AC.

If you're a decent god-fearing man, the Philippines IS NOT a place for you.
On the other hand....
If you're a child molesting petiphile, man-whore, premiscious son of a bitch, then this is your "SAFE HAVEN"

Every american in the Philippines right now, thats living here & has a "YOUNG" girlfriend or wife knows what i'm talking about and you can kiss my ass. You're only here for your sexual desires because its not socially accepted in most areas of the united states, we're guys like me would beat your ass tilll you couldn't walk.

I don't go anywhere near fields, because the mere sight of seeing decrepit old bastards with little girls, makes my blood boil.

I posted to WARN potentional people seeking a "cheap" retirement to look elsewhere. The only "clean" areas in the philippines will run you just as much as the states.

I also posted to be a dick head to the expats that are here glorifying this place and the fools that actually post their pictures showing how old they are compared to their "companion". True It's my opinion and opinions are like assholes everyone has one. But those out there commenting these acts that are reading this. Shame on you. There is a special place in hell for people like this.

You wouldn't be in the Philippines at all, if you could get away with in the United States - what you can get away with here.
For Filipina's reading this. Girls YOUR age in the United States, would LAUGH until they cried if one of these old bag of bones came up to them offering them companionship. No "partnership" love can exist between a man that old enough to be his wife's grandfather. Girls this young, with men this old. The man can never trully love the girl, generation gap is too far, not much to relate to. Its nothing but an infactuation for that sickness. I wouldn't trust any expat I've seen in the Philippines with a teenage wife, with my daughters for one second! I feel sorry for the girls who are forced into a relationship like this to ensure that their families survive. One of the most wonderful things about living is finding a partner that YOU can relate too, that YOU can trully love and be Trully loved in return and share life with.

You can't call bullshit, because you know it's true. My wife's got friends who married OLD foreigners and they immigrated to their countries. You know what they do? They sit at home .... ALL DAY. Their husbands take them nowhere. When one in particuliar goes shopping, she has to go with her mother-in-law. You know why? He's embarrassed. If society sees that man with this "little girl" in public - He knows the looks he'll get and fears them. Especially if he shows "affection" or she does towards him in public. She's miserable.

The few that i talk too. Their all miserable.

And yes I'm in the red light district the central area for all the lowest forms of life that come here. I see them all. I see lots of 1/2 filipino's everywhere. In rags. Tattered. Malnourished. Because of jackasses that like to come here and blow their seed into young girls, and then take no responsibility or help at all to those children. I took my step-daughter under my wing, and love her as my own, and always will. I married my wife when I was 27 years old. Her real father was 47 years old, and he ran - Like many others that visit this country.

Those of you that don't like what I say. Then that just proves your one of those dinosaurs having sexual relations with girls young enough to be your daughter or grand daughter. You can kiss my ass.

But since i'm so "negative" then I'll share the "good" things I've learned.
1. Save, save, save, save.
2. Don't count on ANYONE but yourself.
3. I'll never take the USA & it's oppurtunities and livelihood for granted ever again.
4. I'm "NEVER" leaving the usa ever....ever....ever....again unless environmental or WAR forces me to do so!
5. When I get back to the states, I will be lobbying for the rest of my life if I have to, to enforce International Child Support from Americans who like to go into third world countries for cheap sex with babies. No more boom-boom without consequence in Thailand, Philippines, etc

This, sir, is where you are

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This, sir, is where you are wrong. You haven't thought of the fact that, perhaps we (Americans) are here because we are tired dealing with American women, the worse b&#*ches in the western world. (Although, I know some Germans, Englishmen, Scotsmen, Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders, Scandinavians, and other men from various countries around the world, who could probably put up a good argument against my view.)

You are married to a Filipina as well, are you not? I'm sure you feel similarly. Does that make you a sex tourist or pedophile, though? I think not. You seem like a decent guy, by your posts.

Anyway, the Filipina is the most loyal, loving woman I have ever known. She takes care of her man like no American b&#*ch ever will again. She loves him no matter what his age, if he is too fat or too skinny, if he is bald or has hair down to his knees. Her love is pure, unadulterated. You apparently must agree with part of this, otherwise you would not have found your wife.

Now, I do resent the fact that you continue to put a whole group of people in one category. You did it to Filipinos when you stated they ALL only like Americans (foreigners) for their money. You are now doing it by accusing all Americans of being pedophiles. Or, at least that we (all Americans) are here solely for sex. Incidentally, I am only 43, having arrived her to live when I was 34. so I'm not one of those old rusted men that you spoke of earlier.

Unlike you, I love living here. I love the humbleness of Filipinos. I love the way many can be so poor, but always smile. They are much happier than we (Americans) are in our own country. They have little, while we are spoiled, having too many things, most of which we don't appreciate, or, at least take for granted.

Filipinos endure more than most westerners ever will again, because westerners can't hack it without having all their little frills in their lives. Take you for example. You came here (regardless of the reasons) thinking that you should be able to have what you do in the states. Well, you ain't in Kansas anymore, Justin. It's time to realize things don't work everywhere else in the world, like they do in the good ol' US of A.

You said it yourself, you took what you had in the US for granted, something that many do every day, even with the world as screwed up as it is now. Here, Filipinos just live. They live for today and let tomorrow take care of itself. Most can't afford to do much else, unfortunately.

In the US, I lived well, had a high dollar entertainment center, new cars, a nice home, and a good life. But, I wasn't happy there. Here, I don't give a damn if I watch television. I focus more on spending time with my girl. I enjoy traveling around the country still, as I have done since my first visit here in the early 90s. I enjoy going out for a swim regularly, and enjoying life. I didn't do that in the states. Material things don't make you happy, Justin - you have to find that in yourself first.

When we live in the US, we are focused only on one thing... ourselves. Here, I am focused on others, helping others, teaching others, and most importantly, learning from others. So, not everyone visiting or living here, is a "sex tourist".

Remember one other thing, your children. In the US, both you and your Filipina wife will have to work, in order to pay your bills. You are going to be caught up like the Smith's and the Jones'. This means that, someone else is going to be raising your children for you. Daycares and nurseries, not your wife's family, or your wife directly. I'm talking strangers will be doing that. For me, that isn't an option anymore. I enjoy spending time with our family.

Lastly, in your case, it is probably best that you don't leave the US ever again. You have to open your eyes, mind, and heart, when living among another people in another land. Everything in this world isn't focused or centered around the USA.

Mind you, I'm not trying to bust your balls here, man. I'm just trying to let you know that things in your life can change, if YOU want them to. It's called "The Secret". Think positive, be positive - about every aspect of your life. I assure you, even you could be happy here, if you tried.


You grow what you sow

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I am an American. I wanted to bring my Filipina Fiancee to America after meeting and visiting her 3 times in the Philippines.
Because of the economics in America my company went bankrupt and there was no other opportunity in my field for a job, so I moved here to Davao City.

I have 6 years until I can receive my SSS benefits but came with a little savings. With support from my wifes family we are living comfortable. Not rich but comfortable.

You talk about all the prostitution. Gee, in Angeles City? For many years I have known of the prostitution there. Any time you have a military base there will be the bars, pawn shops and prostitution in the States or not. Then add it to the economy of a poor developing nation and it magnifies. So there was Subic Bay and Clark Air force Base.

Yes there is a lot of prostitution in this country. You have over population, large poor families and beautiful women. Then add the perverts in the world.

I am married to a Filipina and she is only 12 years younger than me. We have a loving marriage and just celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary.

I live in Davao. Yes there are cab divers who over charge, but go to New York and find out you get a 3 hour tour from the airport for a trip that should take 20 minutes.

I have had taxi drivers just smile and say ok if I did not have exact change and he had no change to give.

We go to the Palenke (open market) for our meats, poultry, fish, vegetables and fruits. If my wife is not feeling well, I go and get the same Suki (discount) that she gives. If one of the vendors is eating, they always offer to share their meal with me.

With bill paying, I do not know about there, but here the Power, water, electric and cable companies do not close at lunch as some businesses do. There are satellite payment centers around the city too.

Jobs, yes they are scarce, but you think, your an American, so you know more then a Filipino. Wrong. There are highly educated and able Filipino workers here that also know the language and customs.

I have many good Filipino friends and Foreign friends too. A lot of the time, I trust a Filipino more than a foreigner because they do not have an agenda or need to show off how great they are.

If you walk around mean and bitter and treat a Filipino that they are beneath you and your superior, they will treat you back the same.

It sounds like you were a failure in the States and now here your developing the same in return.

You need to chill, move somewhere else and relax. You will either go postal and after a stay in a Filipino Prison, you will be back in the States anyway. Or your anger will drive your wife away even with your "Foreigner money."

People like you is what causes Filipinos and Foreigners to hate other foreigners.

For a nicer perspective on life here and the safe living visit

If it's so horrible in AC why stay?

motterj's picture

If it's so horrible there, why stay? It sounds as though you're living in some filthy, vermin-ridden squatter's hut by the river. Why not move out into the provinces where things are cheaper than in Angeles City? AC has been the location of American military bases for years and is the sex tourism capital of the Philippines. Naturally people there are jaded about foreigners. Saying that all Filipinos hate us based on your experiences there is kind of like a tourist visiting New York City concluding that all Americans are rude, pushy muggers. (BTW I've met several New Yorkers in Seattle and they're the nicest people!) You need to get around and see more of the country and meet more people.

You sound like you've not been in the Philippines that long and are suffering from culture shock. Everyone who lives in another country and culture reaches that stage sooner or later. After a while you'll stop whining and start counting your blessings: you have a loving wife, two fine daughters, a roof over your head, food on the table, it's sunny and warm, the birds are singing, and the majority of people around you are NOT trying to rip you off: they're either friendly or at least indifferent to you and leave you alone. Almost every time I go out I see a smiling face and hear a cheerful "Hi!", usually from children but from a few adults as well.

I had an episode of culture shock after I'd been here about a month. Everyone around me was speaking in Cebuano and I couldn't understand what was being said, I was tired of the crowds in the stores, malls and shopping districts (like Colon St.): every day reminded me of Christmas shopping. I was getting sick of "rice and" every day and wanted a steak and potatoes and when I found a place that served them the portions were small: my "rib-eye" turned out to be a filet mignon cut that looked and tasted like brisket. I was grouchy, I felt useless and redundant, and I was just fed up. I got over it.

You also sound as though you came here kind of on a whim and didn't properly plan for contingencies, i.e. a nest-egg of savings for emergencies such as medical expenses, a "plan B" in case things went all pear-shaped. You live in the tropics; food spoils easily, and it's easy to catch a disease or get an infection. You counted on something that was outside of your control: on having your job to return to, even though there's the worst recession in 30 years happening. Nobody should come to the Philippines to live without having a steady monthly income plus several thousand in the bank. You can't count on finding work here. With so many Filipinos out of work why would anyone hire a foreigner?

I suggest you and your wife both learn how to shop so you can avoid buying spoiled fish and wormy meat, and that you give your home a thorough cleaning and properly store your food so as not to attract vermin. You're welcome.

BTW you're wrong about expenses in Cebu City. It's not as cheap to live here as I heard it used to be a few years ago, but it's still way, way cheaper than Seattle, where I'm from. I'm renting a small but clean 2-bedroom 1-cr apartment in a small cement building, with tiled floors and an interior kitchen not a dirty kitchen, in Banawa, bgy. Guadalupe for P7500/month, or around $160. You can rent a room here, many with their own cr, for as little as P3000, or get a fully-furnished house for as little as P12,000-15,000. Meals eaten out run as low as P60 for what I call "rice and", like one of those "sizzling" dishes: burger steak and gravy, fried chicken, a pork chop, boneless bangus, etc. plus a huge scoop of steamed rice. A cheeseburger with all the fixings (the Champ) with a large order of fries and Coke is under P150 at the local Jollibee. There's a carinderia,a street bistro, near here that's clean and has terrific food. The other night we had kaldereta, chicken curry, two skewers of barbecued pork, six servings of rice and two bottles of Coke for P248. They even do fish and chips, chicken cordon bleu and steak dinners for homesick expats there. I'm still working my way through their delicious Fiipino dishes though. :)

You can easily live here on around $1,000/month and still put a bit away in a savings account every month. if you don't hang around in bars, eat at fancy restaurants, and otherwise squander your money. My wife and I usually cook for ourselves and eat at home. A typical lunch consisting of two cups of (uncooked) rice (four cups after cooking) and a couple of small cans of tuna, sardines, carne norte or sisig, and sometimes a couple of fried eggs, costs very little. Fish usually runs around 140 pesos a kilogram, pork around 180, beef around 220, depending on what cuts we choose. That's supermarket prices: wet markets are cheaper, but you have to be more careful about what you select.

The Philippines isn't some tropical paradise except in the (expensive, or "mahal" a we say here) resorts. It's a third-world country, with third-world problems. It's the Filipinos' country, not ours: we're guests here, and their ways are their ways. We can either adapt and accept, grumble and be miserable, or leave. We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto.


craigthom's picture

Mate there are always ways and light focus on the positives,I have been unemployed for over a year and a half and busy changing my career at 40 years old,been a tough time,do not compalin about it just get on with it,you made a choice to go there for whatever reason,make another choice now and focus on that if you think negative all the time it will remain that way for you,start with something small like youre alive and your family are alive and work it from there,small steps,wish you all the best and positive thoughts.

1. I'm generalizing if

lucas122478's picture

1. I'm generalizing if everyone had read inbetween lines THEY would see I generalize & have said that multiple times.
2. Motterj: Culture shock is an understatement.
3. Roaches, rats, & ants are gone (Now) I spread BORAX, in areas in the apt, where the children cannot get too, but roaches & ants do. Get BORAX mixed with just a bit of powdered sugar. The ants carry it back to the hive, it becomes toxic on their bodies, as well as them eating it. Queen dies ->They all die.

Roaches preen the Borax off their legs and antenae's, they go back to their nest. Where they go into seizures, become paralyzed, and eventually die. Their bodies become a soup of toxic death. The other roaches feed off this corpse, and the same thing happens to them. Mass extermination viable with just one infected Roach.

When I was first here, I spent over $100 buying different forms of poisons - nothing worked. After I did a little research, I found Borac acid to be the "secret" ingredient in most poisons that "actually" work. After paying a visit to a local hardware store, wiped them out completely.

As for Rats...Well until my landlord decides to quit throwing our trash into the river behind our apartment. That won't go away, so a very "disgusting" alternative to warding rats off is finding where they are coming in at. Us for example is from the cracks in the concrete in the laundry room where they slipped in at. A neighbor told me to do this, and it worked. After catching & killing a rat, cut its throat and spread its blood where the rats are coming in at. The Other rats will smell this & stay away.
Secondly we now have about 15 cats in our apartment compound.

Now to those who think I sit "holed" up, and am bitter to all filipinos, You are wrong. I am not bitter or rude to filipinos unless they deserve it. That would be the ones whom try & take advantage and "skin tax" me. Which only happens in situations where it's a trike driver or a vendor who does not know me. I've been here almost a year, and everyone around me knows who I am, and charges fair prices. There's is a 80+ year old man who runs a junkyard a few streets away from me, He has a giant wheel barrow balanced on 2 wheels that he goes off with to gather cardboard, plastics, etc This man is MUCH to old to be doing this. The first time I saw him, he was on McArthur Ave pushing while I was on a jeepney to the grocery. On my way back home, I saw him pushing down my street. I dumped my groceries off and ran back to help this guy. He had done disappeared.

A few days ago, I came across him again in the market, he was hiding under shade, and looked like he could fall dead at any moment. I took the cart from him, gave him my umbrella and pushed it back to his junkyard for him. When I was first here, and had money to spend. I painted all of the street signs near our complex with fresh paint. I continually pick up trash around our apartment constantly & anytime I see a filipino drop their trash on the ground, I try and educate them on WHY tossing their trash on the ground is bad. You'd be suprised at how many have no clue that them living in their own squalor is what brings about the infestations of roaches, rats & ants.

My wifes family DOES live in a squatter village. When I was first here, I ran water lines to their house and several others, as they didn't have running water. I "correctly" ran electrical wire to their house, rather than the line they had hot-wired to their house. I put a new roof up, an actual ceiling with home-made insulation. Put shutters on their windows. Built a platform over their Bathroom for extra bunk space for the children. Their house is 12x16. I leveled the ground out by their house, and planted grass seeds. I put in outlets and lights in every corner of the tiny house, rather than the 1 they had. Then I gave her father money to start his own fish business in the market in Manila, and bought a booth for him. He claimed he couldn't sell, but in reality probably blew all the money. As anytime "we" ever gave them money in the past, it never was used to "substain" Now that we're flat broke, and barely getting by ourselves. Her father borrows money from a Sari-sari everyday to go buy fish and sell it by foot. With their steep "interest rate" he's still able to pay them back and feed his family. That left me to the conclusion, that I can't help her family. *especially* now. Everytime I helped, they just came back for more instead of substaining themselves.

I fed street children, when I was first here & had the resources to do so. I never gave the children on the streets peso. But I would take them inside of Jollibee, sit them down & buy them happy meals. I help teach my neighbors children english, and I quite frequently play with them as I am still a child at heart and love to make them laugh by acting like a complete retard.

When I first got here, I hated the fact of how everyone lived and how the political system and business sector pays people "just" enough to barely survive, but keep them beaten like broken mules, to where they don't stand up and demand better pay, better services. There are a million things wrong here that could easily have been changed if someone in power wanted it to change. When my wife's friends mother died, I went to the funeral. Everyone walked over 5km to the graveyard in the rain. I could have taken a trike, but I chose not too. I walked alongside everyone else in the rain. That caused quite a few stares as we walked through the business sector of Old Angeles.

So that is where those throwing accusations are wrong. As I generalized, americans & filipinos livelihoods. I'm sure there are some "GOOD" foreigners here, and there are some "GOOD" filipinos in this city, who don't try and scam every foreigner. Generalization though, especially in this CITY, most of the guys here need to be taken out into the bamboo fields and get a good whoopin'. I did not "dwell" in detail on my opinion of the 'old' foreigners with 'young' women. As there are many, whom have more than 1 'girlfriend' or 'wife' here. There are many running around and cheating constantly on their wives here. I'll not go into details, but I even came across someone who my family knows back in the states, who was thought to have been a decent man in the states. Now he's hear running a charitable scam here, and has 3 teenage girls living with him. *cough*

As for you gammon, let's see you call my wife a whore to my face, and see what the hell I do to you. My wife was not a bargirl. I am not on welfare. I will never be on welfare. I Did not have sex with my wife until AFTER we were married for your information. My uncle will not be "bailing" me out as I will be having to pay him back with interest. The only reason I'm still HERE is due to the problems that would arrise and the EXTRA time involved in going back to the states, if I repatriotized myself. If I hole up here, for a few more months, everything will be underway. If i file for Repat and go back now, then I delay the finalization of immigration for another 2-3 years.

I am from the deep south as someone else previous stated, which those from america can see due to my preferences and opinions on love & marriage. Another thing about country boys Gammon, we don't need welfare to survive. When everything is finalized and we can get the hell out of here, I will be staying on my parents property. If I have to, I will walk for work, I may even still qualify for Unemployment, and I can just sit on that for 2 months and that will be enough to buy a good quality used car so I can get into the city to get work. I can hunt for meat, and we have 10+ acres that is farm ready. Nut trees have been planted, fruit trees have been planted, and the land is tilled to bear thousands of kilos of vegetables that will be canned, or frozen. We live above a vast underground river that even if it got so bad that we cannot afford water, it will be tapped into and make a well. I'm no whining lazy american like alot of Gen X'ers are either. My last job I quite frequently pulled 20+ hours working before ever going home and sleeping. The most I ever went was 36 hours without sleep.

That was post-katrina when we drove from Alabama to New Orleans to assist in repairing, and re-building Home depots that had been flooded. We spent 36 hours without sleep, moving steal, culling moulding, restocking moulding, re-doing POP.

My wife was living a friend who did not want to deal with a baby in her house, as she doesn't like children. When I met my wife she had nowhere to go, but back to her parents in their squatter village, which is for no place for a child to be raised. I cared for her, and I fell for her online. I told my wife I was not a rich american, and that if she married me I could not support her family and when she came to the states she would most likely have to work herself. We met, and we got to know each other, and the feelings we developed online were even stronger in real life.

After we got married I was promoted, from making 25,000USD a year to 65,000USD a year. At which point I was able to help her family more often, and she would not need to work. Unfortunately that job was with a supplier for building materials at home Depot. I could have had a million different girls I chose one that was pregnant with another man's child 10,000 miles away, and that makes me crazy. That's your opinion like I have my own. In my opinion, that makes it even more true to love. Not very men will date a girl with a child, much less marry a girl with a child, even much more less fly 10,000 miles to be with a girl who has another man's child.

You on the other hand "trying" to instigate a furious response by me, just goes to show you are most likely one of the child molesting, daughter raping cocksuckers that are here or come here to satisfy your carnal lust or make profit off of taking advantage of girls here. The more I think about it, the more it makes me want to pursue a relentless crusade at stopping these things here. As child sex is illegal but mostly "overlooked' due to local governmental funding to control the such. Maybe the time I have left here, will be used stalking the sexual predators that are here & turning them into the authorities myself. The almost limitless porn rings going on this area, from foreigners taking advantage of girls , recording or capturing images or movies and posting them on the internet for their own profit. I wonder how many girls actually gave consent for them to do that. How hard will it be tracking down these girls here in Angeles. Or better yet, I could just run a mission to let all the prostitutes, and bar girls know their legal rights about having their images used for profit on the internet...

Oh how bad will business get for the sex traders reading this now :P You know what, I will - I'll just have to call the Mayor tomorrow and see what can be done.

For the ex-pats out there that are decent people, these were never directly at you. This was a generalized response to MY views to MY experiences and to what I've seen. I never meant to show that I "assume" everyone in this country is here to take advantage, and do sexual relations with children and "young" girls. As I said a over and over before it's a generalized statement. To those who actually responded in a decent manner, that "leads" me to believe you are kindred spirits, and good individuals. To the others with spiteful, sarcastic, and hateful responses then your responses only make you appear guilty, Say it to my face and I might just take a big fat shit down your throat. - Literally.

- Peace.


lucas122478's picture

IF someone knows an area closer to Manila, fairly cheap on rent & decently clean. As everyone that did POST their experiences here claims they got work visas fairly easy but they were all in manila. No such luck here in AC. It would be in my families best interest to get closer to Manila due to the fact we'll be going back and forth to the embassy quite frequently, and getting if it's easier for americans getting work in manila than in this S-Hole. I'm all for it, before I DO go postal from veggin' in this place. And when I say cheap I mean 3500 peso or so. Our income is 20,000php a month which "sometimes" can change but very rarely to 100,000+ due to when I get freelancing work.


Pathfinder's picture

Justin, when I read your original post I had some empathy with you as some of the non-sexual things you listed about life in the Philippines have happened to me in one form or another. But your latter posts confirm bitterness has got the better of you and you're not keeping things in proportion or perspective. Paul deals with this well.

I'm tempted to write a longer reply dealing with all your points if I have the time next week, but for now I concentrate on your views on sex & marriage since you are evidently on a crusade about this. In five parts > Age Differential, Wealth, Older Men, Paedophiles, Conclusion.

The Philippines is not the Deep South. Throughout Asia they have a very different attitude. Notably, a yawning age differential is not frowned upon or seen as an impediment to a contented union. Marriages throughout history in every corner of the globe have often had, and continue to have, a contractual, even mercenary, element to them. He gets affection, sex and a trophy; she gets financial security and status. Arranged marriages are built on this central premise - Romeo & Juliet doesn't come into the equation.

The Spanish cellist Pablo Casals was 81 when he married Martita Montañes aged 21. What did she see in him? Was it his muscular physique and youthful complexion? Methinks not. "She was to be his helpmate and the love of his life until his death in 1973 at the age of 97."

I read of a steady stream of bankers in the west losing their trophy wives as the merde hits the fan in the credit crunch; charmless "ladies who lunch" are re-evaluating their "undying devotion" in light of their partner's sudden and diminished income. And I've lost count of the number of times I read that money, or rather lack of, is cited as the main reason for a break up in 60% (or is it 80%?) of relationships.

Now regards Filipinas, I agree that if you are old and wrinkly one should look in the mirror and be honest - "She probably only loves me for money. I am not handsome, only financially handsome. But if she's happy to play the time-honored game until I spiral off then it's a fair deal." Or simply put, it's a contract from which both benefit although in entirely different ways.

And here's the rub - this applies equally to rich men, or relatively rich men, anywhere on the planet. If rich you can never be sure how much a partner loves you for YOU or, secretly, for your wealth and status. Now great droves of bankers and businessmen are once again finding out. I personally found out in the 90s recession when my business when broke. The love of my life was off like shit through a goose.

I have met guys worth millions and they are deeply unhappy because they can't find anyone who loves them for "their real inner self", not their credit cards. There's a Michael Caine Hollywood comedy devoted to this theme.

Older men can be better lovers. Older men know better how to laugh a woman into bed. Older men can have more patience. Older men can be more chilvarous and considerate. Older men are more wordly and experienced. Older men can be great cooks. Older men can even be wise.

Your other major beef is with paedophiles. Right with you there on this one and I'm sure every right-minded person would agree.

My personal view is that what two or more consenting ADULTS get up to in bed is nobody's business.

Children, on the other hand, do not have the mechanisms to make objective jugdements about many things, especially sex, and therefore there must, by definition, be a significant element of coercion by the adult, even if that coercion is dressed up as kindness, shelter, gifts, etc. Cercion is not free will. Besides, at the risk of stating the bleeding obvious, there is the danger of real harm - mental, physical or psychological. Innocence lost cannot be regained. Children have a right to be and remain children until a suitable age.

The problem is determining at what age the person is no longer a child. In the West, I've known innocent 20 year olds and brazen 15 year old vamps who would have made Casanova blush. As an ideal 'universal threshold' 18 years of age is about right; although, for instance, friends tell me that even in the UK you can marry at just 16.

There are bad types everywhere, but it's a bit rum to accuse all Americans here of sexual and emotional inadequacy or worse, paedophilia. Unproven, unhelpful and, Justin, just plain silly. But I wish you well.

Man get out of my head LOL

kanoy's picture

I read Justins "monologue" and the first thought to pass my mind was :this 30 year old married a filipino?"
I mean all I could decipher was near hatred so it came to mind that he must have met his match in this young lady and he just blew up, look as I might for some kind of respect, some kind or love, some kind of gratitude, its just not there.
I have been living here 4 years and never, not once have I ever had any trouble returning anything to the store, just have to have your OR and you are set, one of the best deals the Philippines has to offer over the USA is prices, I see him throw big numbers out there like P900 and P3000 and I think so what? $18 and $60 man you can't even get your doctor to set up an appointment in the states for $60 and he has not even seen you yet.
I was laughing have to admit about the smelly fish on the tongue, because if there is one thing these ladies know all about its their fish so if he had one that was putrid and smelly, heck she did that on purpose probably to pay him back for his attitude towards her and her kabayan, sorry thats the way the cookie crumbles.
I have never had a stinky smelly fish but then I treat my wife and all other people with the respect they deserve and earned and not throw an entire race of people in one basket because of my attitude.
a lot of talk about prostitutes and children etc etc in the Philippines never bothering to mention that the main portal for child sex slaves is the USA where the porn business id a multibillion dollar, not peso, industry, prostitution is legal in a few states and heads look the other way in other states towards the oldest profession in the world.
My suggestion also would be too bad for Justin that there is no divorce in ther Philippines, the bed is made, you are stuck for life if you can't change your attitude and you can't change her then you might try changing countries and take her and her two kids to the USA and see if things change for all parties concerned/

You must be under the

lucas122478's picture

You must be under the impression that my wife & I have an unhealthy relationship. Which is quite the contrary. The only negative comment I made was she cannot cook :P As for the fish maybe should look up "bacteria" that grows on fish here in the philippines. If not properly stored it can & will get bacteria which can & will grow before the fish is at the point you can smell that its spoiled. There are 3 "types" in this hemisphere of the world, and 1 type which is very rare, CAN & will kill you & there is no cure. As for the P900 & P3000. Hepabig Hepatius B vaccine is P900 for 1ml dosage for newborns. the Pediatrician charged P3000. Maybe you wouldn't have got such a laugh, if you had of known that when our second child was born, my wife & I went three days without food, due to the pediatrician charging us so much for the fucking vaccine. Maia Raven was born June 3rd, We get a whopping 20,000-25,000php. Renewal for immigration was due may 28th. After 3000 or however much it was bc the rate changes in visa renewal, I also paid all our monthly bills on the 1st which was 3500 rent, 2500 electricity, 500 water, 1500 internet, 500 cable, 60 trash, 1000 for baby milk, 500 for diapers, +600 for gaia milks, +500 for diapers for gaia. Buying baby bottles, snacks for gaia, canned vienna, sardines, ramon, we had 8000php left over. Then wife went to get check up June 3rd at the clinic, where they said she was dilated office visit 250, trike ride there and back 100php. Wife comes back and tells me doc says she's giving birth that night. Trike ride back to clinic 50php. Delivery + room , was around 3500. Wife goes into labor and the assholes clean up the blood with my wifes pants, I hitch a jeepney back to the apartment 8php, I get clothes and hitch a jeepney back to the clinic 8php.

At the clinic, we forget adult diapers for my wife as they cut her, 50php per diaper wife used 3 diapers while there 150php. We didn't buy baby soap so they charged us another 50php for baby soap to clean Maia Raven. I forgot to grab sterilized water, and had to go grab that +75 php or so. Pediatrician shows up and the rate of 900php magically turns to 3000php when they see im white the baby being exposed "supposebly" to Hepatitus B as my wife had it at one point we had no choice but to pay the rate as Maia had already been at 11 pm june 3rd the pediatrician didn't show up until 1pm june 4th, and we were scared we couldn't get to a pediatrician in time whom would readily have hepabig accessible before the "24 hour" period we were told that a newborn must be vaccinated that is exposed to hep B or risk DYING! On the way back home from trike, with wife & maia +50php, Stop at manson and grab tiki-tiki +50 more php.

My wife's mother and her son showed up the night before to take care of Gaia while we were at the hospital, Not checking "stock" of rice when we got back the next evening on the 4th - all the rice had already been ate. What food I had bought, we did not eat but kept for our daughter Gaia & my mother-in-laws son who is only 5 years old because we didn't know WHEN we could get more funds. My wife needed medicine as well, and what little I had left went towards buying her medicine, after all was said and done we had maybe $2 to our fucking name. I'm glad you had a good laugh out that asshole. Throwing numbers up like that, over the life and death of my daughter. I got two words for you FUCK YOU.

The Real Truth-Life in the Philippines

buitenwatersloot's picture

1. The REAL truth is, the Philippines is no longer an Asian Economic leader it used to be in the 70's.
2. Angeles City has been known as a sex paradise since the existence of Clark Air Force Base that is no longer in existence.
3. Taking into consideration 1&2 and the political situation of the country under very corrupt leaders, everyone WORLDWIDE knows the economic situation of the country and the people affected. For sure you must have known some Filipinos back in the US who work so hard and send their hard-earned pays to their families and relatives back to the Philippines to survive. And what were you reading when the Business Pages of every magazine & newspapers worldwide were printing about the stock market of the Philippines?

If you, Justin had been wise enough to make decisions about marriage, surely, you could not have been blind not to know about someone else's situation and family background, and where do you stand in the midst of all the situations your former fiancee (now your wife) was in?
You mentioned you had a good paying job back in the US making USD 65,000.-/year, but traded that to a life of "misery" in Angeles City. Remember, love can make miracles, but that too incorporates careful planning on everything. You wore your heart on your sleeves, and there's no one to blame- not the Filipinos you meet who simply want money, where now, you have nothing for yourself. You have to know that there are many educated and rich Filipinos who live very decent lives- too bad, you never got to know them because you hurried yourself to marry one living in the "gutter", whom you think you could rescue and give her a better life. Instead this whole thing took you down where you now have bitterness about almost everything around you.

I was born in the Philippines, grew up in Thailand, went to American schools and now living in Europe. I do admire your good heart to feed children on the streets and help someone else's family become economically better, but I just feel sorry for people like you who think they could 'resurrect' someone elses poverty with their meager resources. I say meager because you are not a Donald Trump that has money to pump on people. Unless you have that much money, stay where you are and support your wife and her family and relatives. It will pay to send them to school for some decent education. They will look up to you for every single cent because you are white. That is how people in that level of life think.

If you're desperate to get a decent life and a decent job like you used to have, pack your bags, go back to the US and find a job, and when you are all settled, ask your family to join you.

There's no use complaining over a spilled milk. Hope you get your act together and think rationally. All the best!

I didn't trade my 65k year

lucas122478's picture

I didn't trade my 65k year life away. I came here last july to settle immigration problems with Gaia. While I was here I got sick, and requested an extra 2 weeks vacation from my company (WHICH i was entitled too) I also sent in a copy of doctors exuse. In response my company Laid me off. They could not "fire" me because of the extra 2 weeks vacation & doctor's excuse. They refused to give my 2 weeks vacation, because I did not turn in my "company cellphone" which is sitting somewhere in atlanta still today. That's where you're wrong about Trading away a 65k job, which I thought I mentioned this earlier.

I did have a contingency when I was here in case anything ever went wrong while pursuing the immigration. I did not file my taxes for 3 years. I applied right before I came here for ITIN's for both my wife & daughter. In the states if the government owes you money, you don't have to file but every 3 years. As I knew it would take quite awhile for the ITIN'S to pass, I filed taxes for 05,06,07 right before I left. The expected return was well over 6,000. Plus stimulis check 1,500 = 7500-8000 USD dollars.

When all this went down after getting "LAID OFF" from work. I Had dengue and was in bed for a month. By this time the house I was renting in atlanta, all my belongings - my bank account, everything was poof. No job, no house, my belonging thrown out in the streets, and a negative bank account. I figured I would just get a job at a call center here. That never happened. My contigency was my tax returns. In november of 08 we received an approval for my wife but they denied our daugther. With them denying my daughter my return shot down to just a bit over $1000. We had borrowed alot of money from a neighbor of ours and were behind on bills by 2 months at this point when we got the return. I never got a stimulis check. 2009 rolls around, I file for 2008 return, hoping to just go back to the states at this point. Due to them denying Gaia an ITIN the IRS comes back and states i owe 900+ for '05. My return for 08 was $11 and some odd cents. I still did not get a stimulis check. My mother three-ways irs with me, and speaking to them they claim I DO NOT "qualify" for a stimulis because my wife has an ITIN and not a SSN. If I file single I can get a stimulis, if I filed single then my return of $11 would have been more like NEGATIVE 600.

So, No I wasn't a complete fool. I did have liquid savings when I came here, I spent it on my in-laws repairing their squatter house. I did not anticipate becoming deathly ill, and I did not anticipate getting f'ked over by the IRS. BEFORE i came here I spoke with the international law division of the IRS whom stated I could get ITINS for both my wife & gaia. Months ago I contacted the IRS again, and they stated that I "SHOULD" have gotten an ITIN for Gaia, and I should get a lawyer. Fat chance i'm 10k miles away and without income.

Hope you get a good fucking laugh out of that too kanoy.

Do not open the door.

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In response to Lucas and advice to others starting a relationship with a Filipina.
I know when you come here you think in Dollars or your home currency. Everything sounds cheap and you want to show your ladies family how nice you are and how you want to help.
The problem is Filipinos, especially poor Filipino families see a foreigner as a bank.
Plus with the needs they have and the pressures from others your lady or her family will ask for something, medical, business or schooling finances.
Once you open the door and pay, then the next will ask. If you refuse they will point out how you helped the other family member.
It goes on and on until you have nothing left. If you refuse you become a cheap outcast.
I told my wife when we met, your family have survived before we met and will survive from now on.
For more observations and advice go to
I have written many articles about the foreigner and his experiences in the Philippines.