Expats in the Philippines - Interviews with People Living and Working in the Philippines

Expats in the Philippines give us a glimpse of what life is like in the group of islands collectively dubbed as the Pearl of the Orient Seas. It's far from being a perfect country; like most pearls, it's flawed in one way or another. But with the tropical weather, the hospitable people and the magnificent natural attractions, no wonder many expats see it as a slice of paradise.

My Life in The Philippines: American Expat Bud's Story in Cebu

American expat Bud has only been living full-time in the Philippines for more than a year, but is already very familiar with the country's customs, culture and languages from previous visits, and from being married to a Filipina for forty years already. Here he talks about his life in Dalaguete on the southern island of Cebu, and shares some tips on what to keep in mind for those considering a move to the Philippines. 

An American Expat Taking It Easy in the Philippines

Joseph is an American expat who has been living in Tacloban City in the Philippines for a year now. Read on to learn about some of what he thinks about living there, his observations about the people, and a tip or two about adjusting to the local way of living.

A Texan's Life in the Philippines

American expat John, who hails from Texas, is adjusting to life in the Philippines since he moved there in 2010. Here he presents his observations about life there so far, and gives advice on things to consider or watch out for that others who are considering moving to the islands might find helpful.

Quitting the Rat Race and Moving to the Edge of a Jungle in the Philippines

Village life is something that American expat Dave is enjoying since he moved to the Philippines in 2009. Read his story to find out what else he likes about life in a Filipino province aside from the low cost of living and the friendly locals. Dave DeWall, living on the edge of a jungle in the Philippines

An American Expat Lives in the Moment, Living in The Philippines

American expat Rusty has been living in the Philippines for three years now. For him, it's a place where he thinks the people are awesome, the cost of living more affordable, the islands relaxing and endearing. It may not exactly be paradise on earth, but it's good enough for him to call home.

A Young French Expat Building His Business and Having Fun in the Philippines

What does a young Frenchman do with his days and nights if he lives in the Philippines? Ask Did, who has been living there since 2009. This French expat keeps himself busy building Internet-based businesses, and then relaxes by partying, making new friends, and traveling the country. Here, he gives us a glimpse of how he came to be living in Metro Manila in the first place and what it costs for him to live there. Did Novo in the Philippines

25-year-old British citizen living in the Philippines

British expat Peter has been living in the Philippines for more than two years now, and it looks like he plans to spend even more time there. See what this young man thinks about living and working in Metro Manila, his tips about where to find jobs, and other pieces of advice on getting around and adapting to the local culture.

English Expat Living in the Philippines -- and Loving It Despite the Typhoons!

The Philippines is a far cry from Seadon's native Cornwall in England -- and there are things and people back at home that he misses -- but he doesn't regret moving to the so-called Pearl of the Orient Sea. Here he describes what he likes about living in the Philippines, gives a sneak peek into some of his expenses there, and advises potential expats to come and visit with an open mind.

An American Expat Retired to Paradise

American expat Barry says it's important to do your homework first before making life-changing decisions, such as moving to another country. Here, he talks about why he decided to retire to the Philippines, what he likes about living there, and his views on the cost and standard of living. Me and my beautiful bride

Jan, a Dutch expat who wants to spend the rest of his life in the Philippines

Dutch expat Jan moved to the Philippines in 2008.  He's no stranger to Filipinos and Filipino culture, being married to a Filipina for more than 20 years and having visited the Philippines several times before moving there. Here he shares with us some of his insights on the good and not-so-good aspects of living in the Philippines, his plans for his Internet business, and his advice for other people who are considering moving to the Philippines. Jan van Dam, Dutch expat living in the Philippines