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Here we present interviews of expats who are living in the Central American nation of Panama. This small country has been called one of the region's best-kept tourism secrets because of its undiscovered natural resources. The islands making up this nation are picturesque, recreational activities abound, the locals are colorful and interesting, and there are plenty of historic sites to visit.

My life in Panama so far...

Swiss-born Chris is no stranger to expat life, having lived in countries such as Senegal and the USA prior to moving to Panama, where he now lives with his wife. There he wields his prowess in the real estate industry, and tells us why Panama is presently a buyer's market. He also shares some of the things he likes about living and working in Panama.

A Nomad on the loose in Panama

American expat Lisa has lived overseas before; now she and her husband are located in David, Panama, where they specialize in the real estate business. Here she shares information and tips that expats and those considering a move to Panama might find helpful, as well as what she likes the most and the least about living in Panama.

Panama Interview: Living and Investing in Panama

Life in Panama is ideal for Canadian expat Cynthia and her family, where they operate a bed-and-breakfast called B&B Inn Cerrito Tropical. It's a place where they enjoy the quality of life, the friendliness of the locals, and the investment climate. Here she shares some of her thoughts and tips about living in Panama. Cynthia Mulder Photo

A Canadian's Perspective On Panama

Originally from Canada, Rebecca now lives in Panama, where she runs a news and information website. Read her thoughts on what small-town expat life in Panama is like for her and learn from her tips about the local way of life, cost of living, and learning the language if you're considering moving to Panama.

Escape to Paradise

American expat Richard lives with his wife and their pets in Boquete, Panama, and the only major regret he's had so far is that they they didn't move to Panama earlier. Learn what they appreciate about living in Panama, what they think of the locals, and their favorite things to do there.  Richard spends 6-7 months a year lecturing on Princess Cruises and the rest on his coffee farm in Palmira, just outside of Boquete.  He is the author of ESCAPE TO PARADISE: LIVING & RETIRING IN PANAMA and CRUISING THE PANAMA CANAL.

The International Entrepreneur Magazine Interviews Matt Landau, Panama

Matt, in an interview with Kara Winters for the International Entrepreneur Magazine, shares aspects of his business success in Panama and gives some personal advice on becoming an entrepreneur.

American expat Matt's legume love affair in Panama City, Panama

For Matt, Panama is surely paradise on earth. Living in Panama City has enabled this American expatriate not only to learn about the intricacies of a different culture, but to indulge his extraordinary passion for legumes as well! Read on for Matt's observations on things like the cost of living, the Panamanians, the importance of learning the language, and his hope of sharing his knowledge with the locals.