The Netherlands: Welkom, from a Russian Expat

Russian expat Alexne has acclimitized to life in Amsterdam in the Netherlands: she speaks Dutch and gets along well with the locals and others in this multicultural city. Here, she gives some tips on what to keep in mind when planning a move to the Netherlands.


-Where were you born?

Moscow, Russia

-In which country and city are you living now?

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

-Are you living alone or with your family?

With my husband

-How long have you been living in the Netherlands?

3 years

-What is your age?


-When did you come up with the idea of living in the Netherlands?

I was offered a job in The Netherlands

-Was it hard to get a visa or a work permit?


-Was it difficult for you to get medical insurance before you went there or when you first arrived?


-How do you make your living in the Netherlands? Do you have any type of income generated?

Work for a law firm

-Do you speak Dutch and do you think it's important to speak the local language?

Ja, I speak Dutch but it is not necessary. Amsterdam is very international and everyone speaks English.

-Do you miss home and family sometimes?

Of course, mostly I miss my twin sister who lives in Madrid, Spain. 

-Do you have other plans for the future?

Help other expats to set up in Holland!

-What about housing, have you bought, or are you renting a home? How much do you pay for it?

I am renting an apartment, but I am paying too much,))

-What is the cost of living in the Netherlands?


-What do you think about the Dutch?

Amsterdam is very international, I find Dutch people very friendly. 

-What are the positive and negative aspects of living in the Netherlands?

 Positive: Dutch are very sporty so in 3 months time even lazy bones find themselves sweating in the gym, sailing or cycling.

Negative: Weather, food 

-Do you have any tips for our readers about living in the Netherlands?

Check your paperwork before coming to Holland (work permit, tax issues, health insurance). If you come out EU country, it will be difficult to find the job without the right permits and fines are severe if you don't have your paperwork in order. 

-Do you have any favorite Web sites or blogs about the Netherlands?

General overview: 

Good explanation of all the legal issues:

Hello from the USA - i'd

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Hello from the USA - i'd love to work in Dutch land or EU - please suggest how to get the ball rolling - thanks