Middle East

American expat living and having a great experience in Doha

The cosmopolitan environment, a great job, proximity to other interesting places to visit -- these are some of the things American expat J.C. likes about living and working in Doha, Qatar. Read his interview for more information and tips if you want to be where he is now.

What's it really like to move to Israel?

Great weather, great beaches, interesting people -- these are some of the things British expat David likes about living in Israel. If you are thinking about moving to Israel, read on for some insights from one who has done it.

From Asia to the Middle East: Expat Grace in Dubai, UAE

Filipino-born Grace spent a decade in Japan with her family before moving to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates; they've been living there for almost two years now. Here she describes how she came to find a job in Dubai, her observations about the cost of living and housing, and the local attractions. Grace also warns those planning to move to Dubai to keep in mind that despite its cosmopolitan, modern, and international atmosphere, there are still rules and customs that need to be observed in Dubai.

Living in Dubai: Indian Expat Najeeba's Thoughts on Living in the UAE

Najeeba, who comes from India, has been a long-time Dubai resident. Here she describes some aspects of living in Dubai, and gives useful information on subjects like the cost and standard of living there.

Living in Saudi Arabia: American expat Carol's life in a Middle Eastern Kingdom

Carol is a former American diplomat who after 20 years of service resigned to marry her Saudi husband. She now resides in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia with her husband and their 3 cats. She is a strong advocate for the education and empowerment of women and readily volunteers her skills to this cause. Her book “Patriots For Hire” which is a collection of untold stories on the roles, experiences and motivations of defense contractors in Iraq has been picked up by Praeger Security International Publishing. It is expected to be released by early Spring 2008. american saudi flag

Living in Dubai

Born in Italy, raised in the Netherlands, Giovanni is now living in cosmopolitan Dubai in the Middle East. Here he shares his experiences and advice on things like the cost of living, finding a job in Dubai, and adapting to the Islamic culture. Giovanni

The challenges and rewards of living in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia according to South African expat Laura

Laura has learned about a different way of life since moving from South Africa to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia more than two years ago. She gives us a glimpse into aspects of her life as well as those of the locals, such as the limitations on rights that people in other countries take for granted, the cost of living, and how being open-minded can help one adjust to the local culture. laura van niekerk.jpg

Look at a Filipino expat's life in Khobar, Saudi Arabia, through Joseph’s eyes

Joseph left the Philippines to expand his professional horizons in Khobar, Saudi Arabia. Receiving a sizable income is only one of his good experiences there: among the others are feeling the warmth of the locals and learning about another culture. Read on for eye-opening tips from Joseph on living and working in Saudi Arabia. th_Khobar.JPG

American expat Liza shares her experiences and tips on moving to and living in Karkur, Israel

Liza and her family might be considering moving back to the USA, but for now, they are loving their life in Karkur, Israel, where she's been living for more than 15 years. People who are thinking of relocating to Israel, or at least visiting this ancient yet vibrant land, would do well to read on in order for them to learn more about issues like language, getting a job, and local customs from the perspective of a long-term resident such as Liza. 1_Liza_Rosenberg.jpg

Canadian expat Lisa's life in Tel Aviv, Israel, where she works as a journalist

Lisa, who hails from Canada, sounds like she's having the time of her life in Tel Aviv, Israel. The weather, the social life, her job--all these and more are the pros of living in that city. The uncertainty that comes daily is just part of life there, something that people have come to live with. Here she tells us a bit about things like the cost of living in Israel and what she thinks about the Israelis. 1_Lisa N Goldman.jpg