Expats in Mexico - Interviews With People Living And Working In Mexico

Here you will find interviews we've done with expats who are living or working in Mexico. This North American country sits so close to the United States, yet it's still a world apart. It's a very popular tourist destination, with its abundance of historic ruins, beaches, and other natural attractions.

Local life can be hard, but the Mexicans know how to live it. Festivals and traditions are times to just let loose and celebrate, as many foreigners have discovered. Find out the steps that the following expats followed as they were moving to Mexico, and read their words about the highs and lows of life for them there.

Retire and Invest in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico

Canadian expat Mark is a stellar example of how moving to another country can be a successful venture, especially with enough planning, appreciation of another culture, and the determination to make it work. Here he shares his perspectives on living and working in Mexico, the businesses he and his business partner are running there, and what he and his wife think are the ups and downs of expat life in Mexico. Tami & Mark

Working Gringos in the Yucatan

For American expats Ellen and Jim, Merida in the Mexican state of Yucatan has it all: a tropical climate, an abundance of recreational activities, and a wealth of opportunities to work and live comfortably. Read on for their experiences and adventures in Mexico, about the business they are running there, and about their desire to help other people appreciate life in the Yucatan. Jim and Ellen Fields in Merida, Mexico

Interview with an American Expat Mom Living in Mexico's Playa del Carmen

American expat Michele and her family have been living in Carmel del Playa, Mexico, for the past four years, where she and her husband are involved in the real estate business. Here she shares some aspects of their expat experiences in Mexico, including what she thinks of the "locals," the cost of housing, and why it's a good place to raise children.

Living in Lake Chapala: Canadian Expat Marie's Focus on Mexico

The beautiful scenery, the abundance of sights to see and activities to do, and the warm, friendly people are only some of the many, many things Canadian expat Marie and her husband love about living in Mexico. Here, Marie shares her observations about living in the Lake Chapala area, her advice for those considering moving to Mexico, and the business they put up to acquaint others with Mexican life and culture. Marie Dwyer-Bullock

Former Okie living in Tepoztlán, Morelos, México

American expat Larry helps operate a spa in Mexico, where he moved to two years ago. Here he shares some of his business plans and gives some tips on moving to and living in Mexico.

Jim & Carole's Mexico Adventures

American expat Jim and his wife Carole are enjoying retirement in the Lake Chapala area of Ajijic in Mexico. Jim shares their reasons for moving south of the border, some of their favorite things to do there, and the most pleasant - and practical! - aspects of living in Mexico. Jim Cook

A gringa cat-lover lives in Cancun, Mexico

An American expat who calls herself RiverGirl describes her gringa life in Cancun, Mexico, where she lives with her husband and their beloved pets. She describes her work, how she finds the locals, and the ups and downs of living in Cancun.

RiverGirl: A Gringa Writes About Life In Cancun, Mexico

Mexico: Live in interesting times

During the nearly eight years he's been living in Mexico, American-born Michael has certainly had the time to make his observations about the people, the place, and the culture. Life in Mexico as an expat certainly can be an interesting experience as Michael shows us here--without the help of any rose-colored glasses. Michael Dickson

Teaching in Mexico City: Englishman David's Story

There were customs that David had to get used to when he first moved to Mexico from England almost ten years ago. But he has pretty much adjusted to life in Mexico City now, where he works as a translator and a teacher of English. Here he gives us a glimpse of his expat life in Mexico, where the people are friendly and the food is terrific.
David and Katia

The highs and lows of living in Cuernavaca, Mexico, according to American expat Julia

Julia is a stay-at-home mom living with her husband in Cuernavaca, Mexico. Her willingness to learn more about various aspects of the local culture, such as the language and interpersonal relations, show in part just how she loves life in Mexico. Read on for more about lessons that Julia has learned about expat life in Mexico and for some tips on settling there.