Expats in Korea! Interviews With People Living And Working In Korea

There is much to fall in love with in Korea, as expats living there attest. Like her Asian neighbors, Korea has a long and rich history of culture and civilization; the scenery is beautiful; her people are genteel, dignified, and warm. Foreigners and locals alike feel the impact of Korea's economic and technological advancement, yet it still remains the Land of the Morning Calm.

The Korea Guide in Seoul: Just another Indian working as a software engineer in Seoul, South Korea

Looking to expand his career horizons by working abroad, our Indian interviewee found himself grabbing a job opportunity in Seoul, South Korea. It has been an interesting experience for him so far -- learning a new language, meeting new people, working in a different culture. Though he returns to his homeland soon, visiting South Korea in the future is something he wants to do.

Kiss My Kimchi in Seoul: An American Expat Working as an ESL Teacher in South Korea

What is it like for an expat to live and work in Seoul, South Korea? An American who teaches ESL in the public school system describes some of the ins and outs of expatriate life there, and offers some tips on adjusting to the local culture.

Teaching and Living in Busan, South Korea: Asian-American Expat Randy's Work in TEFL and His Tips on Moving to Korea

Being an Asian-American expat in Asia has its ups and downs, as Randy has discovered. This young expat lives in Busan, South Korea, where he's working as a middle-school English teacher, and here he describes what led to his decision to work in Korea. He also shares some of his opinions about the people and the importance of learning the local language and respecting the culture, plus some tips for those planning on living and working abroad.

Life in a South Korean village

A lower cost of living, friendly locals, teaching English at a middle school -- these are some parts of British expat Valerie's life in a rural village in South Korea. Here she describes what she likes about village life and compares it to living in a big city like Seoul. She also offers tips for adjusting to the Korean lifestyle and culture. Valerie in Korea

Anna in South Korea

American expat Anna works as a high school teacher in Incheon, South Korea, a country she finds to be very beautiful with friendly people. Read her interview to learn the steps she took to get a good teaching job in Korea, her cost of living observations, and some of the things that have made an impression on her as a foreigner living in Korea. American expat Anna in Korea

Making a life in Seoul

American expat Chris teaches English to young children in Seoul, South Korea, where he's been living for several months now. Learn about how he came to be working in Seoul, his observations on the cost of living there, his tips about starting to learn the local language, and his plans for the future.

An American Girl in Seoul and other Korean Adventures

I am not here to change Korea. I am here to perhaps let Korea change a little bit of me. Wise words from Danielle, a young American expat working as an English teacher in Seoul. Here she shares with us how she came to live and work in Korea, the challenges of adjusting to the local culture and what she's learned from them, and various other aspects of her daily expat life in South Korea.

Eat Your Kimchi: A Foreign Couple Living in Korea

Canadian expats Simon and Martina have always wanted to work abroad, and they're living that dream now as English teachers in Bucheon, South Korea. Read on for more on how they are appreciating their time in Korea, their thoughts on learning the language, and the ways in which they're adjusting to the local culture.

Just come 2 Korea!

Ultra-modern yet close to nature, these are two of the things that Filipino expat Pete enjoys about living and working in Gwangju, South Korea. Here he describes things like his involvement with a non-governmental organization and his observations regarding Koreans. Pete's having a good time in the country and urges others to "just come 2 Korea!"

This Time in Seoul

World traveler Felicia is presently in Seoul, South Korea, where she works as a photographer and an English teacher. This American expat shares what she likes about living there, her enjoyment of the local culture and the people, and some of her future plans. Felicia Shelton, This Time in Seoul