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Moving to Kenya, and what it's like to live and work there, are what you'll read about in our interviews with expats in this section of Expat Interviews. This East African country is in the running for the title Cradle of Civilization, yet it's also known for its quick economic advancement. It's abundant in natural resources and is well known as a land of great ethnic and cultural diversity.

If you're considering moving to Kenya, whether to work or to live there permanently, reading about the experiences here of the expatriates already living in Kenya could assist you in your plans. Plus, they're just plain interesting to read.

Traveling Cat’s experiences as a female American expat working in Malava, Kenya

This American woman who goes by the name of Traveling Cat works for a nonprofit organization for handicapped children in Malava, Kenya. Living in Kenya has been a very enriching experience for her. She tells us a bit about the way of life there--from the everyday customs to the social problems.