Living and Working in India Interviews with Expats Living in India

Expats in this section share their thoughts on what it's like to live in the mystical nation of India. This country is sometimes known as the land of extremes: it's extremely large, extremely civilized, and extremely diverse in terms of population, natural attractions, and weather. The people are deeply religious, highly cultured, and good-natured.

Writer, Mother, Serial Expat living across cultures

Originally from France, Katia has spent many years living in various parts of the world, but for the past four years she and her family have been staying in Hyderabad, India, where she works as a writer and a translator. Katia shares some of her expat experiences and observations in India, and offers some advice to those planning to move to India and elsewhere.

Two New Yorkers move to Delhi. See what happens.

A New York couple now living and working in New Delhi, India - that's Jenny and Dave. See what they have to say about what it's like to live as two American expats in this bustling South Asian city.

The Expat Arc: An expat's journey over culture shock

"A serial expat entrepreneur" is one description for Canadian Danielle, who now lives with her husband and son in Chennai, India. Here she describes her expat life in India, her thoughts and experiences about the local culture, and the book she's written about it.

Punericaro: Belgian expat Caroline's Indian adventure

It's been almost a year since Caroline moved from Belgium to India with her fiancé Eric, and the experience has been a major adventure. Read on for Caroline's thoughts on living in Pune, her adjustment to the cost of living, and her appreciation of the friendships they've made there. Caroline in Pune