Expat Interviews With People Living In Countries Like Japan - Holland - China - Thailand And A Lot More

Welcome to Expats Interviews!

We interview people who are living abroad. Here you will find the thoughts and observations of expats living in countries like Thailand, Philippines, Holland, India, Australia and a lot more. We find that it's always exciting to know about what motivated people to live in another part of the world, how they generate their income, how they manage to live there, and what they’ve learned from their experiences in a land that's become their new home.
Living in another country might seem to be an easy thing to do but in fact, many expats went through a lot of trial and error. If you are considering an international move yourself, let ExpatInterviews.com show you examples of real people who have done it successfully. Learn how they did it, how they managed to survive the difficulties of moving to another country, and how they are happily living their life’s dream. You too can make such dreams possible; this site will be one of the first steps in the right direction.

ExpatInterviews.com will help you get the ideas and the motivation to finally turn your goal into reality -- to start that restaurant you've always wanted in Melbourne or to be that mountain guide in Thailand you’ve always dreamed of being, for instance. Reading these stories will get you motivated and get the blood in your veins running again.

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