Expats in Germany - Here We Interview People Living And Working In Germany

Here you will read about expats who reside in a land famous for so many things: among them castles, breathtaking scenery, high finance, art, and beer. The German people are famous for their fierce nationalism and top-notch moral fiber. Because of these national characteristics, they are initially perceived to be detached or unresponsive to foreigners when in fact they are forthright and sincere.

An Australian Living the Life in Berlin - 3 Years and Counting..

Living in Berlin, Germany can sometimes be a frustrating experience for Australian expat Jen. But she has learned to take things in stride, and now loves living in Berlin. Read her advice on what to expect -- and not to expect -- if you plan on moving to this part of Germany.

An American Chiropractor living in Hamburg, Germany

What is expat life like for a New Yorker who has been living in Europe's richest city for the past nine years? Mark, a chiropractor in private practice, describes some of the ups and downs of living in Hamburg, Germany. He also shares some tips, observations, and insights about the local attitude, culture, and cost of living that others who are considering moving to Germany might find helpful.

Life in the fast lane, or How do I survive in Germany?

Originally from the United States, Jerry has been living in Germany for more than thirty years now. Here he shares many of his expat experiences there: from how he came to be living in Germany in the first place, his family life, the cost of living there, and his thoughts on local behaviors and attitudes.

Heidelbergerin: Seeking the Perfect Country

An American expat who calls herself Heidelbergerin is enjoying the terrific quality of life in Heidelberg, Germany, where she lives and works with her husband - also an American. Here she shares what she likes and dislikes about living in Germany, her experiences with the German educational system, and her impressions of the local attitudes and everyday way of life. Be ready to accept the differences is one of her tips for those planning to move to Germany. Read on for more.

From Chicago to Füssen, Bavaria (the early days)

An American expat who calls herself Betty Tyranny found herself living in Füssen, Germany, after falling in love with the country during a road trip. She shares with us some aspects of her expat life in Germany, like what she does for a living, her favorite activities there, and how kind and helpful the locals have been to her.

Brits in Bavaria

Read about how Margaret and her husband, British expats, are enjoying life in Bavaria, how they came to move there, what they most enjoy about this German state, and the growth of their holiday letting business.

My Germanic Adventure: A Big Miss Verständnis!

What is expat life in Germany like for Kate, a Kiwi-born Irish citizen? She shares some of her impressions of and experiences in Hamburg, where she's working on her internship and enjoying the shopping and night life. She's having a blast, there's no misunderstanding that! Kate Wilson in Germany