Expats in France! Interviews With People Living And Working In France

Expats in France will show you that there's so much more to see and experience beyond the famous landmarks in this sophisticated European country. The big cities are known for their haute couture, haute cuisine, and just about anything else one can associate with the high life. But those who prefer to move to a slower beat will find France's numerous small towns to be ideal locales, with their more relaxed atmospheres and friendlier people.

Don't really think of myself as an "Ex-Pat" more as a "European Citizen"

Originally from Scotland, Ian has been living in France since the early 1990s, where he moved after almost 40 years in Germany. It isn't any surprise to learn that he has mastered French and the local patois, in addition to German, and that he has become familiar with the local customs. Read on to find out what he likes and dislikes about living in France's Languedoc-Rouissillon region, and why it's important to accept and understand the local culture even if one doesn't necessarily like some of its aspects.

Selling French Dreams to Clients

Life in France isn't perfect; just ask British expat Peter, who has been living there since 2001. But the improvement in his and his wife's quality of life since moving to France makes up for the (in)famous French bureaucracy. As a real estate professional, Peter offers some useful information on finding accommodation in France, as well as tips on what to remember if you want to move to France.

Enjoying la vie française: A writer's life in France

It has been 13 years since Vanessa moved from the UK to France, where she lives with her husband and works as a freelance writer. Find out about her expat life in France, her plans to see more of the country, and why she recommends you learn to speak the language if you are planning on moving to France.

Life on the French Riviera

Author and painter Delorys is no stranger to exotic and cosmopolitan locations. A native New Yorker, she now lives with her husband in the South of France, a place that has been home to them for more than a decade now. Here she shares what she likes about living there, some aspects of the cost of living, and some of their travel and business plans.

Francey Pants: Figuring Out France As I Go Along

American expat Clair is in the midst of a great adventure: living with her family in France. Being an expat there isn't a bed of roses, but there are so many upsides to the experience. Read on for Clair's observations about the cost of living in France and her tips on adjusting to French culture.

Life in France....

There are some things from the USA that American expat Leesa misses in France, but on the whole she loves living in Europe and doesn't regret moving there. To live in France was one of her dreams as a teenager, and now she's living that dream with her husband in Antony, near Paris. Read on for impressions of Leesa's expat life in France, some of her future plans, and her advice about daily interactions with the French.

An American in France

American expat Katie's childhood dream to live in Europe has become reality: she now lives and works as an English teaching assistant in Besançon, France. She describes the steps she took to acquire her job, her thoughts on speaking French, and what for her are the pros and cons of living in France.

Au secours! Toto, I don't think we're in Scotland anymore...

There may be quite a few things and people Linsey misses from her home in Scotland, but the reality of living her dream in France with the man she loves are among the things that make her happy there. Read about this young Scotswoman's expat life in Versailles and her tips for anyone planning on moving to and living in France. Princesse Ecossaise

A Seattleite in Paris

Originally from Seattle, Washington, this American expat has been living in France for five years now. Here she talks about what life as an expat in Paris is like for her, describes her initial employment experiences, and shares some advice about living in France - like learning to accept certain things the way they are.

My wonderful life here in FRANCE!

UK expat Jilly Harrison goes by the philosophy that you live only once, so make the best of your life as much as you can. She has done that for herself by moving to the French countryside where she now lives with her son. Here she describes her business, her future business plans with her partner, and aspects of her fulfilling life in Brittany, France.