There is no term in Vietnamese for Speech-Language Pathologist

Originally from the USA, Noel and his wife are no strangers to expat life, having lived in several other places before moving to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. Read on to find out what he likes and dislikes about living in the city also known as Saigon, how he's progressing with the local language-learning, and his plans for his career as the only speech-language pathologist in HCMC.

A Brit practicing his patience in Saigon, Vietnam

Living and working in Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh City, otherwise known as Saigon, didn't figure in British expat Emile's plans at all. But his work as a film editor brought him to Vietnam, and now he is making the best of his time there. It's turning out to be quite an experience, one that has its ups and downs, as Emile describes in his story.


English Teaching in Asia leads to lots of good stuff

Learning to give and take, that's one of the things American expat Sam has learned from living in Asian countries like Vietnam. The lifestyle sacrifices he has had to make have been more than compensated by the beneficial, interesting, and eye-opening daily occurrences he has experienced since moving to Vietnam. Read on for more of what expat life in ever-awake Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) is like for this American businessman. Sam Brier, director of AEA-Asia

Marcel Lennartz - 20 years in Vietnam

Dutch expat Marcel first visited Vietnam in 1992 and decided to make it his home a few years later. Now living with his wife in Ho Chi Minh City, he looks back on his early experiences and shares them with us, along with his observations regarding the ups and downs of living in Vietnamas well as tips for what to see and do in Saigon and other areas of Vietnam.

A Swede dodging Saigon traffic to find the best spots in the city

Avoiding being hit by motorbikes while crossing the street is probably just one of Swedish expat Anders' daily adventures in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, where he manages a web agency and a website for expatriates who live in Vietnam. Read on for why living in Vietnam is a sunshine story for him, and learn about some of the ups and downs of his expat life in the city also known as Saigon.

The Wild Wild East: Stories of a Blogger and Brand Provocateur in Korea and Vietnam

New Yorker David has spent more than ten years in Southeast Asia - the last three in Vietnam. Here, this American expat tells us a bit about his reasons for moving to Vietnam, his job there, and what he thinks about living in Ho Chi Minh City.


Hanoi in Unique Times

More than three years ago, Elliott visited Hanoi in Vietnam and it took him less than a day to realize it was where he wanted to live. It's the place he and his wife now call home, where he and his business partner are busy growing the Hanoi community website they established. Elliott shares his thoughts on living and working in Vietnam, and gives some practical cost-of-living information regarding a city whose positives points outweigh the negatives, for him and other expats.

Caroline's Vietnam stories

American expat Caroline lives in Hanoi, Vietnam, where she doesn't only take in the sights and sounds, but immerses herself in the culture by learning the language and understanding the local mindset. Read on for some of her tips on getting a job, Read on for some of her tips on getting a job, finding discounted hotels in Hanoi , and learning about the Vietnamese worldview.  Caroline

Why American expat, teacher, and entrepreneur Kevin enjoys living in Vietnam

The nice people, the low cost of living, the beautiful sights: these are only some of the things that American expat Kevin enjoys about living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Here he discusses his business, the positive outlook for information technology in Vietnam, and gives sound advice on topics such as finding a job and accepting the local way of life.