Sibylle Eschapasse from Paris to New York and the United Nations

A lover of adventure, Sibylle started her dream of living in New York City in style: arriving there as many immigrants did a century or so ago -- by freighter. Read on to find out how this Frenchwoman has come to feel like a true New Yorker and what it's like to live and work in the Big Apple.

Brussels, Je T'Aime

"I love you, Brussels" pretty much sums up what American expat Jodi feels about living in Belgium's capital city. The hassle she underwent getting her visa doesn't seem to have dampened her exuberance for life in Brussels, as you may see when you read about what she has to say about the locals, the language, and living and working in Europe.

German expat moving to a "cult-based" city in the USA, quite shocking experience

Although an American citizen by birth, Andy found St George in Utah to be quite of a culture shock when she moved there, after growing up in Germany. She talks about how she came to be living in the US, what she thinks are the good and not-so-good parts about her expat life in Utah, and her advice for those considering moving to the USA. My mum and I in las vegas

A French expat in Chicago, USA

What is life like for a trailing spouse? French-born Veronique gives her version here. She has lived in Norway and Sri Lanka, and now lives with her family in the American city of Chicago in Illinois. Read on to find out what she thinks about things like the cost of living there, their favorite pastimes, and some tips she has for getting around in the Windy City.

English Teaching in Asia leads to lots of good stuff

Learning to give and take, that's one of the things American expat Sam has learned from living in Asian countries like Vietnam. The lifestyle sacrifices he has had to make have been more than compensated by the beneficial, interesting, and eye-opening daily occurrences he has experienced since moving to Vietnam. Read on for more of what expat life in ever-awake Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) is like for this American businessman. Sam Brier, director of AEA-Asia

Young Filipino Chef in San Diego, California

Filipino expat Erwin's career growth in the United States is the result of hard work and enthusiasm for his job. This young man tells us how he came to be living in San Diego, California, what he enjoys doing in the city, his path to becoming a 4-star resort's Executive Chef, and his plans for the future.

Baltimore is pretty groovy, says British expat Emma

Emma K loves Baltimore, the pink, kitschy town that John Water's immortalized in films such as Hairspray and Pink Flamingos. Here, this Englishwoman she talks a bit about her expat life in the USA, the things about England that she misses, and some of her future plans.