Out and about in Tokyo: A Canadian Expat's Thoughts about Living in Japan

Learning about the way of life in the Japanese capital city of Tokyo is something that Canadian expat Jason is intent on doing. He and his partner have been living and working there for almost a year already, and though some things take getting used to, there is much of the city and its people that he fell in love with.

New Worlds to Conquer

Adapting to the Japanese way of life can be challenging, as Anuan and her family are discovering. Here, this Antiguan expat shares what for her are the ups and downs of living in Japan, and also gives some advice on the best attitudes to take to make living in Japan a good experience.

An American Mom in rural Japan

Suzanne is an American expat, wife and mother who has been living in Japan for two decades now. Read about this English teacher, writer and editor's thoughts on Japanese rural life and her tips on living in the Land of the Cherry Blossoms.

Living in Japan

Moving to Japan wasn't in American expat Cyndi's plans, but now she's finding that she's enjoying living with her family in the capital city of Tokyo. Read on for some information on what life is like for one foreigner in Japan, and the experiences and things that Cyndi will remember fondly about the Land of the Rising Sun when she and her family move to Australia. Cyndi Bates

David Morrison Pike: An American Potter Living in Japan

It's been more than a decade since American expat David moved to Japan. He lives with his family in Nara, where he works as a potter and owns an English school. Read on for David's observations about living as an expat in a Japanese countryside village. me

New Zealander expat Jacqui in Japan: It sounds more exotic than it is

Jacqui moved from New Zealand to Japan more than ten years ago to work, and fell in love with the country and the man who would eventually become her husband. Now she's living near Osaka, raising their children. Read her story, one of a housewife living a normal life with her family, except that she is doing it in a foreign country. Would-be expats with children might learn some helpful things from Jacqui's story.

Artist/English teacher heads East

As a UK expat who has been living in Japan, Emily, an artist who also teaches English, has many experiences and stories to share. Read about the relationships she makes with the Japanese, her plans for her artistic career, and why being a gaijin (foreigner) is good for her sometimes. Emily in Japan

Australian expat Isaac's insights on living and working in Japan


The quirks of living in Japan: American expat Joshua's point of view


American expat Lea's recovery from decadence and other experiences of living in Japan

Lea is a writer and translator living in Tokyo, Japan. This American woman talks about moving to Japan, the complicated behavior of the Japanese, the memoir she wrote about her past experiences as a bar hostess in Tokyo, and a few other aspects of expat life in the Land of the Rising Sun.