The Netherlands: Welkom, from a Russian Expat

Russian expat Alexne has acclimitized to life in Amsterdam in the Netherlands: she speaks Dutch and gets along well with the locals and others in this multicultural city. Here, she gives some tips on what to keep in mind when planning a move to the Netherlands.

An Australian in The Hague: Another View of Expat Life in the Netherlands

Living in The Hague in the Netherlands has been quite an experience for Australian expat Meg so far. She describes liking aspects of life there, such as the open political culture, the ease of traveling to other countries, and the architecture. But she also gives a straightforward account of what she doesn't like so much about living in Holland. Read on to learn more about her thoughts and observations about the people, the culture, and the importance of learning the language.

A Vibrant New Life in Rotterdam for an Asian-American Expat

I love the city and I really enjoy living in this country. This sums up what Asian-American expat William feels about living in the Dutch port city of Rotterdam with his partner since moving there in August 2010. A dance educator by profession, it isn't surprising to learn that William takes great pleasure in the city's diverse arts culture. Read on to learn more about how he is relishing expat life in the Netherlands. dance

A Brazilian-Japanese in the country of unpredictable weather: Perks and challenges of living in the Netherlands

The unpredictable weather isn't the only thing Patricia has had to adjust to since moving to the Netherlands in 2008. Like many others, expat life for her has had its downs, but it has also had its exhilarating ups. This expat medical students shares her thoughts on what it's like to live and study in Holland, her observations about regional differences in attitudes, and her advice about giving living in the Netherlands a test run before actually making the big move.

An American in Holland: Tiffany's Learning the Language, Building Her Own Company, and Loving Expat Life in the Netherlands

For someone who has been living abroad for just under one year, Tiffany has made some impressive achievements. Here, this young American expat describes aspects of her life in her new home in Holland: some of her business plans, a few of the challenges she has had to deal with settling in another country, and just how much she loves living with her husband in the Netherlands.


Tulips and Weed - One side of Holland only

Born in Hong Kong and raised in Singapore, Jules now lives with her husband in The Hague in the Netherlands. Living abroad isn't something new for this young Asian expat, and some of the lessons she has learned from living in other countries are proving to be useful to her now. Here, Jules gives a sneak peek into her life in Holland, and shares some tips for adjusting to the local practices and culture.

Nyonya in The Netherlands

Malaysian college student and expat Seri Nyonya finds herself missing quite a few things from her home country ever since she moved to the Netherlands three years ago; however, she is living a happy life there now with her partner. Here, this young woman shares what for her are the ups and downs of living in the Netherlands, the cost and standard of living in Arnhem, and some of her plans for the future.

Accidental immigrant: A Singaporean expat living and working in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has been good to Singaporean expat M. Janssen, who has been living there for eight years. That isn't to say everything is picture-perfect, but being an expat in Holland has been a positive experience for her overall. Here she describes what she likes and dislikes about being an expat in the Netherlands, and shares tips -- based on her own experiences and observations -- that you might find useful if you're planning on moving to Holland.

Appeltaart and white beer: a British foodie in Amsterdam

"Just do it!" is what Englishwoman Vicky advises to those who are considering moving to the Netherlands. It's what this young British expat did: she moved to Amsterdam, which she now calls home. Find out what Vicky loves about living in Holland, her career plans, and the steps she has taken to adapt to Dutch life and culture. Vicky Hampton in the Netherlands

'Holland, anyone?' – Tulip Land impressions of a long-term expat

Having moved from England to the Netherlands eight years ago, expat nutritionist and writer Vardit has amassed a wealth of experiences - both good and and bad - about living in Holland. Read on for her description of where she and her family live, the work she does, her impressions of the Dutch, and changes in the cost of living in the Netherlands over the years.