A Canadian Globe Trotter Living in Taiwan

Canadian expat Carrie, who works as an English teacher in Taipei, Taiwan, is no stranger to living abroad. Here, she shares her observations on living in Taiwan (and China before that), gives some tips on finding a job, and tells us about the sights and sounds she experiences on a daily basis there.

American expat Sandy's living the small-town life in Taiwan

Working as a teacher of English, Sandy lives with her husband in Neipu, Taiwan, where she finds the people to be generous and friendly. Sandy talks about things like their house, the low cost of eating out in Taiwan, and how she has become more accustomed to Taiwanese food and culture.

Australian expat David is an English teacher working and living in Banqiao, Taiwan

Living in Taiwan is part of David's plan to experience what it's like to live and work in a foreign country. Sure, there are things that he doesn't relish about living in Banqiao, but there are many things to appreciate, too - such as the friendly people and the beautiful places the island has to offer.