Bryan Norman: From Curaçao to Singapore

Originally from the Netherlands Antilles, Bryan lived for four years in Singapore when he was a teenager and moved back to live there again when he was in his twenties. The climate, the people, the proximity to places where there are many interesting things to do are some of the reasons why this expat plans to stay as long as he can in Singapore.

Swedish Expat Family Living in Singapore

Swedish expat Gunilla lives with her family in Singapore, where they are enjoying a very good quality of life, tasty food, and the local culture. The decision to live in Singapore has been a good one for them, and they will have many wonderful memories to take back when they finally return home to Sweden.

Australian Expat Peter's Life and Times in Singapore

Australian expat Peter has been living and working in Singapore for the past two years, a country among whose advantages are its multiculturalism, affordable cost of living, and abundance of great food from various cultures. Here he shares how he came to be living in Singapore with his family, the diversity of languages spoken there, and what he thinks about the Singaporeans.

UPDATE: Pete and his family have now received "permanent resident" status from Singapore Immigration! (28 November 2008)


Hot and sweaty in Singapore

Phil is a UK expat who's been living in Southeast Asia for more than a decade; the past eight years have seen him set up his residence and business in Singapore. Take a peek into his expat life in Singapore: his description of the area in which he lives, the cost of living, and his thoughts on the locals and pet-eating wildlife!