Living in Serbia ~ Here are some tips from a Russian Expat Named Viktor

Life in Novi Sad, Serbia, is anything but dull for Russian expat Viktor. His job in the tourism industry enables him to travel frequently, learning the local language wasn't too difficult, dealing with the usual expat challenges is made easier with the assistance of his Serbian girlfriend.

Life in Serbia

American expat Dale lives with his wife near Novi Sad in Serbia, and the experience has been a very enjoyable one. Here he shares some of his business plans, his pleasure in the quality of life there, his appreciation of the people's warmth and friendliness, and a helpful tip for drinking coffee. Dale W. Kneeland, Sr., American expat in Serbia

American expat Shirley's experiences of living in Serbia

Learning the language, seeing the sights, experiencing the culture -- these are some of the things that American woman Shirley is doing since she moved to Novi Sad, Serbia, several months ago. Here, she tells us what she likes about living in Serbia, shares her method for calculating the real cost of goods, and gives some tips on moving and adapting to life in Serbia.