We're "Flexpats" - Not Quite Expats Yet!

Taking care of other people's houses and pets via house and pet sitting is a satisfying for UK-born freelance workers James and Jemma, since it allows them a taste of expat life. They are currently house-sitting in Portugal's capital city of Lisbon, where the people are friendly, the weather sublime, and the cost of living comparatively more affordable.

American Family of Seven in Portugal

American expat Nina and her missionary family of seven are helping establish churches in Northern Portugal. Here she gives some insights on what life in Barcelos is like for her and her family.

Expats Derek and Nicky in their new office in Portugal

Nicky and Derek divide their time between England and Portugal, though they've found they prefer living in Portugal a lot more. Nicky tells us about the business they set up in Central Portugal, the farmhouse they're restoring, and some aspects of their expat life there. Derek and Nicky

British expat Marc builds and surfs in Cha, Portugal

Marc visited friends in Portugal but found himself staying--for almost 15 years now. Living in a village called Cha, he spends his time doing building work, as well indulging his passion for surfing. Read Marc's take on the local culture and way of life, the friendliness of the locals, and how the positives outweigh the negatives of living in Portugal.