South African in Ireland Since 2001...

Originally from South Africa, Peter is nearing the ten-year mark of living as an expat in Ireland. Living there has its ups and downs, but for Peter, life in Ireland is mostly a positive experience, bringing more travel to his life and better career opportunities.

Sharp eye on Ireland

Life in Ireland hasn't been smooth sailing for the Brazilian expat in this interview. Here, our interviewee talks about making a living, the cost of living in Ireland, perceptions of local behavior, and plans for the future.

A place to call my own: A Spanish expat living and working in Ireland

What is expat living like for María, a Spaniard who moved with her boyfriend to Ireland three years ago? Here she shares aspects of her expat life there, like how she found a job, her perceptions of the Irish, and the cost of living in Dublin. She also gives some tips you might find useful if you're planning on moving to Ireland. Maria L. Castejon

Mr. Ulster: Working for a cohesive Northern Ireland society

Working for a cohesive Northern Ireland society, that's one of the things Mr. Ulster, an American expat, is most passionate about. As a long-term resident there -- more than a decade already -- he's well-placed to share information and advice that people considering moving to Northern Ireland would find most helpful. Read on to learn about Mr. Ulster's observations about local employment prospects, housing costs, and the political climate. Mr Ulster

A view of expat life in Dublin, Ireland through the eyes of American student Macoosh

Pursuing her MA degree while living in Dublin, Ireland, is part of the dream of this American woman who calls herself Macoosh--and now she's living that dream. Here, she shares a bit of her experiences in Ireland: how she makes a bit of extra cash, what it's like to live alone in another country, the high cost of living, and how much she appreciates the slower pace of life.

Konrad is enjoying more than just his internship in Dublin, Ireland