First steps into Finland: Moving to be with a Finn?

Days of idleness aren't something this British expat living in Finland have too many of; indeed, her days are filled with activities such as learning the language, finding a job, and getting to know the locals. Despite the similarities between English and Finnish culture, she encounters challenges that make the experience a richer one.

An Indo Girl Living in Lapland, Finland

There are many things Amel misses about her home country, Indonesia, since moving to Finland more than a year ago, but the lessons she has learned and experiences she has gained since then have been very enriching. This Indonesian expat describes her village life with her husband in Finland, her employment plans, and several tips for adjusting to Finnish life.

Stranded in Nokialand: A Québec Expat in Finland

An expat from Québec, Martin-Éric has been living in Finland for more than a decade and here shares helpful information on things like finding a job and the cost of living. However, good Finnish friends and beautiful scenery notwithstanding, expat life for him isn't at all a bed of roses. Read on for a no-holds-barred view of this foreigner's life in Finland.