Tales from a Trailing Grouse in Cairo

Originally from Scotland, 'Trailing Grouse' has been living in Cairo, Egypt, for the past seven years. Like all other cities, Cairo has its good and bad sides, and this Scotswoman shares some of her impressions of those in her interview. Read on for her expat life experiences in Egypt - from trying to find a job to favorite recreational activities to tips for adjusting to the local culture.

From the Big Apple to the Desert Rose

LeAnne, a young American journalist, has been living in Cairo, Egypt, for several months now, and like all expats, she has her share of good and bad days. Here she talks about why she went to Egypt and gives snippets of her everyday life. She also gives tips on how to adjust better to the local practices and culture.

Life in a Sandbox: A Canadian in Egypt

Canadian expat Umm Travis lives with her husband in a suburb in historic Cairo in Egypt, a place where she has found humor and patience to go a long way towards adjusting to the local culture. Here she shares some of her observations, recommendations, and insights on living in Egypt.

Walk like an Egyptian

German expat Cathy, who works for a clothing company, shares what it's like to live in Egypt -- a land of mystically ancient and glorious history. Egypt may not be the ideal location for first-time expats, and Cathy helps to provide helpful information and tips on the practical aspects of living in the land of the pharaohs. Cathy Heinemann