The Best Farm Hotel in Bulgaria

Blindly placing a pin in a map may not be what most people usually do when they are looking for a new country to live in, but it worked for British expats Garry and Gabriela, who now live in Nikolovo, Bulgaria. Here they talk about their B&B, their passion for organic farming and pig farming, and what they think of various aspects of expat life in Bulgaria.

Life in Rural Bulgaria from a 30-year-old British Girl's Perspective

British expat Rachel moved to Bulgaria in 2006 and loves it so much for so many reasons that she has decided to make it her permanent home. Here she describes her plans for expanding her property business, and also gives very helpful tips and information about living in Bulgaria. Rachel on a trip to Greece

From Bordeaux to Bulgaria with British expat Chris

The lovely surroundings, friendly people, and the extremely low prices are some of the things that Englishman Chris enjoys about living in Bulgaria. With his wife and their dog, he's relishing his expat experience in the city of Sofia by doing things like learning the language and remembering to nod or shake his head the local way! Chris, Jain and Peluche the Dog!

American Andrea in Peace Corps Bulgaria

Andrea is not only making a difference in other people's lives in Bulgaria, she's learning from them too. Living and working in Sofia as a Peace Corps Volunteer with her husband, this American woman gives us a glimpse into what Bulgaria is like and why it's a good place to move to. Andrea

A look at how British expat Martin is living in Bulgaria and working to promote it abroad

Moving to Bulgaria was an unplanned occurrence for Martin, but one that has brought happy results professionally, socially, and personally. His work as a website administrator that promotes Bulgaria overseas seems particulary apt for him, an Englishman who now looks upon this country as home. Here he shares what it is about living in Bulgaria that he loves and why.