Canadian expat Carol explains about her business plans, jobs, and her expat life in Norway

International money transfers to Norway

One of the struggles of expats who move to Norway is the fact that Norway is not part of the Eurozone and uses its local currency, the Norsk Krone.

The Krone is considered an exotic currency, and thus, banks can charge as much on 6% markup on Euro/USD/GBP to NOK transfers.

The best rates for NOK can be found with foreign exchange companies who deal with the NOK. View this page focusing on sending money to Norway to find out more.


Canadian expat Carol Ann feels most at home in Norway, where she now lives with her boyfriend, than any other country she has lived in previously. Here she shares with us some aspects of her expat life there, including her job, her business plans, the cost and standard of living, and what for her are the ups and downs of living in Norway.


Newlywed in Norway

Sarah and her husband, both American expats, live in the Norwegian city of Kristiansand. Living in Norway has its ups and downs, but it's an experience they are appreciating. They have forged lifelong friendships there and created wonderful memories to take with them when the time to leave Norway comes. Here, Sarah shares some of those experiences and memories. Sarah in Norway

A peek into how Irish writer Johanna is living the expat life in Norway

Johanna and her husband call themselves global nomads, having lived in several other countries before moving to Norway. This Irishwoman lives in Oslo with her family, where she does freelance writing work. Johanna describes the pros and cons of living in Norway, and shares tips on learning the language and adjusting to Norwegian behavior.