Fifty Shades of Red in Italy

Here in Italy...I have peace of mind and a lovely home. This is one of the many things that Australian-born Cat has to say as an expat living in Italy. Read on to discover more about her views as a writer, mother, and traveler who calls the northern Italian countryside home.

Living La Vita Bella in Italy - One Gelato at a Time!

We are Americans who got Italian citizenship and moved to Italy.

Life can sometimes get a little too laid-back in Italy, according to Sarah, but life can be wonderful there overall. Read what she has to say about the people, the food, and the importance of establishing personal relationships there.


Live Your Dream, Just Like I'm Doing!

Kristin took a chance, followed her inner voice, and is now living her dream of running a teacher-training program in Florence, the art capital of Italy. Read on to learn how she did it, what she thinks of living in Italy as an American expat, and her advice for those thinking of moving to Italy to teach or to just live there. Kristin Lanese

Swim Coaching in the Province of Venice: An Australian Expat's Tale of Living in Italy

To learn a new language and re-discover his heritage are two of the reasons for Laurence's decision to move to Italy. Here, this swim coach describes his expat life in Italy, the attitudes of the people in his region, and his favorite activities there.

An American lives her dream of living (and teaching English) in Italy

Back when she was a teenager, California girl Sheila discovered she wanted to live in Italy. She has been living that dream for several years now. Here she shares some of the joys and challenges of living and working in Italy, particularly in the area near Florence where she and her husband make their home. This American expat also gives some tips about multicultural communication that new expats and expats-to-be would do well to remember.

Tuscan Romance

Family ties, an obsession with Italy, and being with the love of her life -- these are just three of the reasons Australian expat Jessica is now living and working in Italy. Read her interview for her take on what it's like to live in a medieval Italian village, her observations about finding a job and the cost of living there, and what she recommends you should keep in mind if you're planning on relocating to Italy. Devil's bridge - Ponte del diavolo

Emma in Milan

Emma is an Englishwoman who has been calling Italy her home for almost seven years now; she presently lives with her boyfriend in Milan. Expat life in Italy is by no means smooth sailing all the way for her, but she can't imagine herself living anywhere else. Here, Emma shares some of her thoughts about the people of Milan, the cost of living there, and her advice on moving to and living in Italy.

A South African Au-Pair living and working in Bitritto, Italy

Originally from South Africa, Sarah now lives in Italy and works as an au pair for a family in the town of Bitritto. Learn why Italy has always fascinated this expat, her plans after her au pairing stint, and her tips for adapting more easily to Italian life.

An Australian in Florence, Italy

The historic and romantic Italian city of Florence is worlds apart in many ways from the small mining town in Australia where Monika and her husband used to live. Monika describes how they came to be living in Italy, some of the difficulties they experienced before moving, and some of the many things she loves about living in Florence. She also shares some advice on coping with homesickness, an experience many expats undergo. Monika in Florence, Italy

A Canadian living in Milan with two Italians: one she married, the other one she made

Improving her Italian and assimilating the local culture are some of the things that fabulous Canadian expat Joanne has the pleasure of doing in the city of Milan, where she lives with her family. Look at what expat Milanese life is for Joanne, and learn from her experiences and tips about moving to and living in Italy.