From Asia to the Middle East: Expat Grace in Dubai, UAE

Filipino-born Grace spent a decade in Japan with her family before moving to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates; they've been living there for almost two years now. Here she describes how she came to find a job in Dubai, her observations about the cost of living and housing, and the local attractions. Grace also warns those planning to move to Dubai to keep in mind that despite its cosmopolitan, modern, and international atmosphere, there are still rules and customs that need to be observed in Dubai.

Living in Dubai: Indian Expat Najeeba's Thoughts on Living in the UAE

Najeeba, who comes from India, has been a long-time Dubai resident. Here she describes some aspects of living in Dubai, and gives useful information on subjects like the cost and standard of living there.

Living in Dubai

Born in Italy, raised in the Netherlands, Giovanni is now living in cosmopolitan Dubai in the Middle East. Here he shares his experiences and advice on things like the cost of living, finding a job in Dubai, and adapting to the Islamic culture. Giovanni

See what Sandie has to say about living in the multicultural atmosphere of Dubai in the UAE

For Lebanese woman Sandie, the mix of nationalities and the cosmopolitan flavor are two of the things that make living in Dubai such an interesting experience. The traffic and high prices aren't so nice, but the friendliness of the people certainly is.