Started in New Zealand, sailed around the world and for now I call Australia home!!

Originally from New Zealand, JJ can probably be called an expert when it comes to expat living, having resided in several countries before finally settling down in Brisbane, Australia. Learn about how she indulges her passion for travel while keeping her feet firmly on the ground with the business she set up, and read her advice on how to get along with the locals. JJ Stranan

Moving from the UK to Spain - Craig Tells His Story About Living in Spain As An Expat

Wanting a new lifestyle for himself and his family was one of the reasons why Craig moved from the UK to Spain. The experience has not been trouble-free, but he has learned valuable lessons from mistakes committed during the first years. One lesson he may have learned is that he is more than resilient and strong enough to recover from his losses, and that despite everything, he is enjoying all the pleasures that living and working in Spain can bring. Oliveoil123

Life on the Costa de la Luz: Tranquil living in a traditional Spanish town for a UK expat

Living in Spain has been a positive experience for British expat Debbie and her family, but like it has been with so many others, there were a few bumps at the start of the road. Now they are living the life they want in a traditional town in the province of Cadiz. She also describes the business they have established to help British would-be expatriates learn what they need to know about life in Spain.

Expat life like for an Australian who has been living in Madrid, Spain, for nearly ten years

What is expat life like for an Australian who has been living in Madrid, Spain, for nearly ten years? Initially, he was just surviving -- until he learned how to experience Madrid. Read his interview to learn his thoughts on adjusting to the local lifestyle, his appreciation of the people, and why it's important to learn the local language.

How is Expat Life in Spain? Expat Chris Talks about his Business Plans and Living In Almerimar, Spain

The pace and quality of life, the people, the weather, the wine -- these are only some of the things Englishman Chris loves about living in Almerimar, Spain. Here he describes aspects of expat life in Spain, and also shares with us some of his business plans, as well as advice on what to keep in mind if you are planning to relocate to Spain. Chris Marshall

Life in Barcelona from a Thirty-something Englishman - 10 years Experience!

British expat David's initial plan to stay for two years in Spain got quite an extension; he's now approaching his tenth year of living in Barcelona. Here he describes what for him are the ups and downs of living in Spain, his thoughts on speaking Spanish and Catalan, his business and travel plans, and his observations about Barcelona's people and lifestyle.

A Brit In Spain

British expat John moved from England and is now living with his wife in Alicante, Spain. He gives an overview of what he likes about living in Spain, and advises others who are thinking of moving there to adapt to the local culture and accept certain facts about Spanish life.

Living and working in Spain: Dutch expat Joke

Having lived in Spain for so many years now, Dutch expat Joke has amassed a wealth of experiences, some of which she shares with us here. She talks about things like the cost of living in Spain, her family's real estate business, and her favorite things to do there. Joke also shares some tips on adjusting to the local way of life in the country that's her home now.

Finding Spain's hidden secret! Cadiz province, Andalucia

For British expat Paul, living and working in Andalucia, Spain, is a pleasurable and rewarding experience. He loves it there so much that he and his wife have established a business to help make the experience of moving to Spain easier for other people. Paul shares several aspects of expat life in Andalucia, including the cost of living and housing, and his thoughts on the Spanish way of life.
Paul Shoulders

An ex-research scientist's life in Tenerife, Canary Islands

Turning his passion for cycling into a business, one that showcases the beauty of the local scenery, is among the things that Australian expat Leslie is doing in Tenerife, Spain. He tells us what he likes and dislikes about living in Las Canarias and gives some tips on things like the local job market and learning the language. Dr Leslie Dean Brown