Newlywed in Norway

Sarah and her husband, both American expats, live in the Norwegian city of Kristiansand. Living in Norway has its ups and downs, but it's an experience they are appreciating. They have forged lifelong friendships there and created wonderful memories to take with them when the time to leave Norway comes. Here, Sarah shares some of those experiences and memories. Sarah in Norway

Not Just Windmills, Clogs and Cheese - A British Writer's View of Life in the Netherlands

British expat Amanda moved to the Netherlands in 2000 and now lives with her family in Zoetermeer, where she runs an online writing and translation business called The Writing Well. Here she shares with us some of the challenges she faced during her early days in Holland, her thoughts on learning to speak Dutch, and what for her are the ups and downs of living and working in the Netherlands.

A Seattleite in Paris

Originally from Seattle, Washington, this American expat has been living in France for five years now. Here she talks about what life as an expat in Paris is like for her, describes her initial employment experiences, and shares some advice about living in France - like learning to accept certain things the way they are.

Expat Coach, Parent and Trailing Spouse Living in Amersfoort, Netherlands

Living in another country has its up and downs, as British expat Nicola can confirm. Here she elaborates on what for her are the positive and negative aspects of expat life in Amersfoort in the Netherlands, describes her expat coaching and advice business, and gives tips on adjusting to Dutch life and culture. Nicola McCall

An Australian in Florence, Italy

The historic and romantic Italian city of Florence is worlds apart in many ways from the small mining town in Australia where Monika and her husband used to live. Monika describes how they came to be living in Italy, some of the difficulties they experienced before moving, and some of the many things she loves about living in Florence. She also shares some advice on coping with homesickness, an experience many expats undergo. Monika in Florence, Italy

Stranded in Nokialand: A Québec Expat in Finland

An expat from Québec, Martin-Éric has been living in Finland for more than a decade and here shares helpful information on things like finding a job and the cost of living. However, good Finnish friends and beautiful scenery notwithstanding, expat life for him isn't at all a bed of roses. Read on for a no-holds-barred view of this foreigner's life in Finland.

A Canadian living in Milan with two Italians: one she married, the other one she made

Improving her Italian and assimilating the local culture are some of the things that fabulous Canadian expat Joanne has the pleasure of doing in the city of Milan, where she lives with her family. Look at what expat Milanese life is for Joanne, and learn from her experiences and tips about moving to and living in Italy.

Four years in Salzburg: A Spaniard living in Austria

Spanish expat Tonicito tells us some of his experiences and thoughts about the four years he's been living and working in Austria. He shares a number of the things that he and his girlfriend (also a Spanish expat) love doing in Salzburg, the cost of living there, and his observations about Austrian attitudes.

Texas-born Freelance Writer and B&B Owner Lives, Works and Blogs in the Bel Paese

The passing of time hasn't diminished the sense of pleasure and fulfillment that American expat Cherrye derives from living in Calabria in southern Italy, where she does freelance writing and runs a bed-and-breakfast with her husband. Cherrye shares with us here the pleasures of living in the Calabrian capital of Catanzaro and gives some very specific information about their living expenses there.

My wonderful life here in FRANCE!

UK expat Jilly Harrison goes by the philosophy that you live only once, so make the best of your life as much as you can. She has done that for herself by moving to the French countryside where she now lives with her son. Here she describes her business, her future business plans with her partner, and aspects of her fulfilling life in Brittany, France.