An Indo Girl Living in Lapland, Finland

There are many things Amel misses about her home country, Indonesia, since moving to Finland more than a year ago, but the lessons she has learned and experiences she has gained since then have been very enriching. This Indonesian expat describes her village life with her husband in Finland, her employment plans, and several tips for adjusting to Finnish life.

Life in France....

There are some things from the USA that American expat Leesa misses in France, but on the whole she loves living in Europe and doesn't regret moving there. To live in France was one of her dreams as a teenager, and now she's living that dream with her husband in Antony, near Paris. Read on for impressions of Leesa's expat life in France, some of her future plans, and her advice about daily interactions with the French.

Heidelbergerin: Seeking the Perfect Country

An American expat who calls herself Heidelbergerin is enjoying the terrific quality of life in Heidelberg, Germany, where she lives and works with her husband - also an American. Here she shares what she likes and dislikes about living in Germany, her experiences with the German educational system, and her impressions of the local attitudes and everyday way of life. Be ready to accept the differences is one of her tips for those planning to move to Germany. Read on for more.

In Search of Nirvana

British expat Steve is taking life a bit easier now, having moved with his wife from the UK to Gozo in Malta. He recently started a fire safety consultancy SCH Fire Safety. Steve has also started the First Toastmasters Club of Malta, this branch of the worldwide organization offers training in public speaking and leadership skills.

'Holland, anyone?' – Tulip Land impressions of a long-term expat

Having moved from England to the Netherlands eight years ago, expat nutritionist and writer Vardit has amassed a wealth of experiences - both good and and bad - about living in Holland. Read on for her description of where she and her family live, the work she does, her impressions of the Dutch, and changes in the cost of living in the Netherlands over the years.

My life in North Wales (UK)

American expat Clare lives with her family in Wales in the UK, where they moved to in 2007. Here she describes aspects of her family's expat life there, like how the children are learning to speak Welsh and how well they have been treated by the locals. She also has some advice on moving to and living in the UK.

From Chicago to Füssen, Bavaria (the early days)

An American expat who calls herself Betty Tyranny found herself living in Füssen, Germany, after falling in love with the country during a road trip. She shares with us some aspects of her expat life in Germany, like what she does for a living, her favorite activities there, and how kind and helpful the locals have been to her.

Amsterdam: City of Freedom

American expat Teresa has been living many years in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where she practices healing. Here she shares her observations about how things have changed since the introduction of the Euro, her plans for her business and her family, her way of dealing with Dutch straightforwardness, and what she enjoys most about living in Holland.

An American in France

American expat Katie's childhood dream to live in Europe has become reality: she now lives and works as an English teaching assistant in Besançon, France. She describes the steps she took to acquire her job, her thoughts on speaking French, and what for her are the pros and cons of living in France.

Au secours! Toto, I don't think we're in Scotland anymore...

There may be quite a few things and people Linsey misses from her home in Scotland, but the reality of living her dream in France with the man she loves are among the things that make her happy there. Read about this young Scotswoman's expat life in Versailles and her tips for anyone planning on moving to and living in France. Princesse Ecossaise