Accidental immigrant: A Singaporean expat living and working in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has been good to Singaporean expat M. Janssen, who has been living there for eight years. That isn't to say everything is picture-perfect, but being an expat in Holland has been a positive experience for her overall. Here she describes what she likes and dislikes about being an expat in the Netherlands, and shares tips -- based on her own experiences and observations -- that you might find useful if you're planning on moving to Holland.

Nicole: An Australian expat living and working in Sweden

Australian expat Nicole has been living so long in Sweden that she now feels very much at home there. In her interview, she describes what she likes most - and least - about living and working in Sweden. She also offers practical and useful information for would-be expats in Sweden, such as the cost of living there, as well as tips on what to expect when it comes to local attitudes and culture. Nicole in Sweden

Grant Podelco -- Expat Interview

It's been more than a decade since American expat Grant moved to Prague in the Czech Republic and as you might expect, he has more than a few interesting observations to share about living there as a foreigner. Read on to learn why he moved to Prague in the first place, his description of some of the local customs, and some of his favorite activities there. Expat life in the Czech Republic isn't a bed of roses for Grant, but there's more than enough to keep him there. Grant Podelco

Brits in Bosnia - with toddlers and dog in tow

If you're looking for detailed and interesting information on what it's like for an expat to live in Bosnia, then you'd do well to read Emily's interview. She and her family moved from Great Britain to the city of Tuzla in northeastern Bosnia in 2008, and so far it has been quite an experience. Here, Emily shares quite a few observations about the Bosnian lifestyle and culture, her family's favorite activities there, and her insights into how Bosnia's people are recovering from the war. Emily Vest and children in Bosnia

Let Me Tell You About Sweden: British Expat Shane's Story

Originally from Great Britain, Shane now lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. Here he describes aspects of his expat life there: from experiencing the sport of bandy for the first time, to the cost of food and drink, to housing rental rates, and to some observations about Swedish attitudes and behavior.

Appeltaart and white beer: a British foodie in Amsterdam

"Just do it!" is what Englishwoman Vicky advises to those who are considering moving to the Netherlands. It's what this young British expat did: she moved to Amsterdam, which she now calls home. Find out what Vicky loves about living in Holland, her career plans, and the steps she has taken to adapt to Dutch life and culture. Vicky Hampton in the Netherlands

Outsider on the Inside: An American in Oxford

American expat Miranda has always wanted to live in England; she's living that dream now in Oxford, where she studies and works. Here she shares with us the challenges and joys of living in the UK, cost of living information, her favorite things to do there, and how being an outsider in Oxford can be such a special experience.

"Blackgirl on Mars": American Expat Lesley-Ann in Denmark

What's it like for a former New Yorker to live in Denmark? American expat Lesley-Ann shares some information on aspects of her life in Copenhagen, her job, and her plans. Copenhagen is where she has been living for the past ten years, and it's a place she now gladly calls home.

An American Magpie in Copenhagen

Since moving with her family early in 2008 to Copenhagen, Denmark, American citizen Rachelle has felt the gamut of emotional, social, and cultural challenges that expat life can bring. But she also continues to experience the positive aspects of living in Denmark: the healthy way of living, new friendships with both locals and fellow expats, the excellent social benefits, and more. An American Magpie In Copenhagen

Francey Pants: Figuring Out France As I Go Along

American expat Clair is in the midst of a great adventure: living with her family in France. Being an expat there isn't a bed of roses, but there are so many upsides to the experience. Read on for Clair's observations about the cost of living in France and her tips on adjusting to French culture.