Working in Cyprus

Born in Africa but grew up in Great Britain, Tam now lives with her fiance in Cyprus. Here she shares what expat life is like for a young woman in the city of Nicosia, what she likes and dislikes about living and working there, and her thoughts on topics like speaking the local language and the cost of living in Cyprus.

Living in the Side area of Turkey

British expat Terry thought of moving to Turkey because it had what she wanted and needed to enjoy her early retirement. It's a decision she has not regretted. Here, she tells us what life is like for her as a foreigner in an area called Side, gives some tips on the cost of living and housing, and shares advice for those planning to live in Turkey.

Tulips and Weed - One side of Holland only

Born in Hong Kong and raised in Singapore, Jules now lives with her husband in The Hague in the Netherlands. Living abroad isn't something new for this young Asian expat, and some of the lessons she has learned from living in other countries are proving to be useful to her now. Here, Jules gives a sneak peek into her life in Holland, and shares some tips for adjusting to the local practices and culture.

Life in Serbia

American expat Dale lives with his wife near Novi Sad in Serbia, and the experience has been a very enjoyable one. Here he shares some of his business plans, his pleasure in the quality of life there, his appreciation of the people's warmth and friendliness, and a helpful tip for drinking coffee. Dale W. Kneeland, Sr., American expat in Serbia

Heart of Europe: Living and Working in Austria

Originally from the United States, Robert is no stranger to expat life in Europe, having lived earlier in countries that include Germany, Italy, and Sweden. Now he lives and works in Austria, where he enjoys much of the country's sights and culture. Here, Robert shares aspects of his life in a Tirolean village, his future plans with his family, and his recommendations about moving to Austria.

A South African Au-Pair living and working in Bitritto, Italy

Originally from South Africa, Sarah now lives in Italy and works as an au pair for a family in the town of Bitritto. Learn why Italy has always fascinated this expat, her plans after her au pairing stint, and her tips for adapting more easily to Italian life.

A place to call my own: A Spanish expat living and working in Ireland

What is expat living like for María, a Spaniard who moved with her boyfriend to Ireland three years ago? Here she shares aspects of her expat life there, like how she found a job, her perceptions of the Irish, and the cost of living in Dublin. She also gives some tips you might find useful if you're planning on moving to Ireland. Maria L. Castejon

Nyonya in The Netherlands

Malaysian college student and expat Seri Nyonya finds herself missing quite a few things from her home country ever since she moved to the Netherlands three years ago; however, she is living a happy life there now with her partner. Here, this young woman shares what for her are the ups and downs of living in the Netherlands, the cost and standard of living in Arnhem, and some of her plans for the future.

Eve : A Canadian Transplanted in Denmark

"Denmark has a lot to offer; embrace it with a full heart and she will embrace you back." These are Canadian expat Eve's words for those new to Denmark and for those contemplating a move there. Here she shares her career plans, some aspects of her expat life in Copenhagen, and what for her are the ups and downs of living and working in Denmark.

Mr. Ulster: Working for a cohesive Northern Ireland society

Working for a cohesive Northern Ireland society, that's one of the things Mr. Ulster, an American expat, is most passionate about. As a long-term resident there -- more than a decade already -- he's well-placed to share information and advice that people considering moving to Northern Ireland would find most helpful. Read on to learn about Mr. Ulster's observations about local employment prospects, housing costs, and the political climate. Mr Ulster