Danish expat family living in Croatia

Originally from Denmark, Morten has been living in various countries for the past 15 years, the last three in Split, Croatia. Read on to learn why this Danish expat and his family moved to Croatia, what they like about living there, and the businesses they are running there.

Tuscan Romance

Family ties, an obsession with Italy, and being with the love of her life -- these are just three of the reasons Australian expat Jessica is now living and working in Italy. Read her interview for her take on what it's like to live in a medieval Italian village, her observations about finding a job and the cost of living there, and what she recommends you should keep in mind if you're planning on relocating to Italy. Devil's bridge - Ponte del diavolo

Trevor, Polak Extraordinaire

Living in Poland was a very challenging experience in quite a few ways for Irishman Trevor. He's back home in Ireland now, but plans on going back to Poland soon. Here he talks about what he liked and disliked about living in Poland, and some of the things he wishes he had done differently. He also gives advice on what to keep in mind before moving to Poland. Trevor O'Donnell

Czeching things out

Portuguese expat António's move to the Czech Republic was largely unplanned, but he liked it enough when he first visited a few years ago to decide to live there permanently. Here he describes what he sees are the advantages of living in the city of Ostrava, where he works in the television industry, his perceptions of Czech attitudes and society, and his plans to travel the world by train. Antonio Pedro Nobre

The Best Farm Hotel in Bulgaria

Blindly placing a pin in a map may not be what most people usually do when they are looking for a new country to live in, but it worked for British expats Garry and Gabriela, who now live in Nikolovo, Bulgaria. Here they talk about their B&B, their passion for organic farming and pig farming, and what they think of various aspects of expat life in Bulgaria.

Canadian expat Carol explains about her business plans, jobs, and her expat life in Norway

International money transfers to Norway

One of the struggles of expats who move to Norway is the fact that Norway is not part of the Eurozone and uses its local currency, the Norsk Krone.

The Krone is considered an exotic currency, and thus, banks can charge as much on 6% markup on Euro/USD/GBP to NOK transfers.

The best rates for NOK can be found with foreign exchange companies who deal with the NOK. View this page focusing on sending money to Norway to find out more.


Canadian expat Carol Ann feels most at home in Norway, where she now lives with her boyfriend, than any other country she has lived in previously. Here she shares with us some aspects of her expat life there, including her job, her business plans, the cost and standard of living, and what for her are the ups and downs of living in Norway.


Expat life like for an Australian who has been living in Madrid, Spain, for nearly ten years

What is expat life like for an Australian who has been living in Madrid, Spain, for nearly ten years? Initially, he was just surviving -- until he learned how to experience Madrid. Read his interview to learn his thoughts on adjusting to the local lifestyle, his appreciation of the people, and why it's important to learn the local language.

How is Expat Life in Spain? Expat Chris Talks about his Business Plans and Living In Almerimar, Spain

The pace and quality of life, the people, the weather, the wine -- these are only some of the things Englishman Chris loves about living in Almerimar, Spain. Here he describes aspects of expat life in Spain, and also shares with us some of his business plans, as well as advice on what to keep in mind if you are planning to relocate to Spain. Chris Marshall

Emma in Milan

Emma is an Englishwoman who has been calling Italy her home for almost seven years now; she presently lives with her boyfriend in Milan. Expat life in Italy is by no means smooth sailing all the way for her, but she can't imagine herself living anywhere else. Here, Emma shares some of her thoughts about the people of Milan, the cost of living there, and her advice on moving to and living in Italy.

Life in Barcelona from a Thirty-something Englishman - 10 years Experience!

British expat David's initial plan to stay for two years in Spain got quite an extension; he's now approaching his tenth year of living in Barcelona. Here he describes what for him are the ups and downs of living in Spain, his thoughts on speaking Spanish and Catalan, his business and travel plans, and his observations about Barcelona's people and lifestyle.