Living in Serbia ~ Here are some tips from a Russian Expat Named Viktor

Life in Novi Sad, Serbia, is anything but dull for Russian expat Viktor. His job in the tourism industry enables him to travel frequently, learning the local language wasn't too difficult, dealing with the usual expat challenges is made easier with the assistance of his Serbian girlfriend.

Living the Expat Life in Brussels, Belgium

Chocolate and beer -- those are just two of the things that make living in Brussels, Belgium, such a delightful experience for American expat Brody. There are, of course, some negatives, but Brody keeps herself too busy to pay much attention to them: she teaches, blogs, runs, cooks, and generally enjoys living the expat life with her husband and their cats.

An American expat in a small village outside Sheffield, UK

Expat life in England is proving to be a challenging one for American expat Denise, and there are plenty of lessons she has learned and is continuing to learn. Here she talks about how she came to be living in the UK in the first place, the cost of living in her part of England, and her tips for those considering a move to the UK.

Life on the Costa de la Luz: Tranquil living in a traditional Spanish town for a UK expat

Living in Spain has been a positive experience for British expat Debbie and her family, but like it has been with so many others, there were a few bumps at the start of the road. Now they are living the life they want in a traditional town in the province of Cadiz. She also describes the business they have established to help British would-be expatriates learn what they need to know about life in Spain.

An American lives her dream of living (and teaching English) in Italy

Back when she was a teenager, California girl Sheila discovered she wanted to live in Italy. She has been living that dream for several years now. Here she shares some of the joys and challenges of living and working in Italy, particularly in the area near Florence where she and her husband make their home. This American expat also gives some tips about multicultural communication that new expats and expats-to-be would do well to remember.

A Brazilian-Japanese in the country of unpredictable weather: Perks and challenges of living in the Netherlands

The unpredictable weather isn't the only thing Patricia has had to adjust to since moving to the Netherlands in 2008. Like many others, expat life for her has had its downs, but it has also had its exhilarating ups. This expat medical students shares her thoughts on what it's like to live and study in Holland, her observations about regional differences in attitudes, and her advice about giving living in the Netherlands a test run before actually making the big move.

Howdy from Hasselt! New Yorker Bradley reveals his humour-filled version of expat life in Belgium

American expat Bradley's refreshing sense of humour comes across most pleasantly in this interview, at the same time sharing information that could be very helpful to those planning on relocating to Belgium. Here he talks about things like how he came to be living in Belgium, his thoughts on the locals, and why it probably isn't a good idea to try all the beers Belgium has to offer.

An American in Holland: Tiffany's Learning the Language, Building Her Own Company, and Loving Expat Life in the Netherlands

For someone who has been living abroad for just under one year, Tiffany has made some impressive achievements. Here, this young American expat describes aspects of her life in her new home in Holland: some of her business plans, a few of the challenges she has had to deal with settling in another country, and just how much she loves living with her husband in the Netherlands.


Sharp eye on Ireland

Life in Ireland hasn't been smooth sailing for the Brazilian expat in this interview. Here, our interviewee talks about making a living, the cost of living in Ireland, perceptions of local behavior, and plans for the future.

Life in the fast lane, or How do I survive in Germany?

Originally from the United States, Jerry has been living in Germany for more than thirty years now. Here he shares many of his expat experiences there: from how he came to be living in Germany in the first place, his family life, the cost of living there, and his thoughts on local behaviors and attitudes.