An Australian Living the Life in Berlin - 3 Years and Counting..

Living in Berlin, Germany can sometimes be a frustrating experience for Australian expat Jen. But she has learned to take things in stride, and now loves living in Berlin. Read her advice on what to expect -- and not to expect -- if you plan on moving to this part of Germany.

Living in Transylvania: Life in Romania According to an Australian Expat

Living in another country brings both good and bad experiences, and this Australian expat, who has been living in Romania for the past two years, describes some of them here. Though she and her family will be moving soon to another country, the time they spent in Romania, the friends they have made there, and both the good and not-so-good experiences will linger in their memories.

South African in Ireland Since 2001...

Originally from South Africa, Peter is nearing the ten-year mark of living as an expat in Ireland. Living there has its ups and downs, but for Peter, life in Ireland is mostly a positive experience, bringing more travel to his life and better career opportunities.

Enjoying la vie française: A writer's life in France

It has been 13 years since Vanessa moved from the UK to France, where she lives with her husband and works as a freelance writer. Find out about her expat life in France, her plans to see more of the country, and why she recommends you learn to speak the language if you are planning on moving to France.

Life on the French Riviera

Author and painter Delorys is no stranger to exotic and cosmopolitan locations. A native New Yorker, she now lives with her husband in the South of France, a place that has been home to them for more than a decade now. Here she shares what she likes about living there, some aspects of the cost of living, and some of their travel and business plans.

A UK Expat on the Joys and Frustrations of Living in Fethiye, Turkey

Assimilating into the local culture has its challenges and its rewards, as British expat Claudia has learned since moving to Fethiye, Turkey. Here she shares some of her insights on everyday life in Fethiye and gives some tips on what to expect if you are planning to relocate to her part of Turkey.

Swim Coaching in the Province of Venice: An Australian Expat's Tale of Living in Italy

To learn a new language and re-discover his heritage are two of the reasons for Laurence's decision to move to Italy. Here, this swim coach describes his expat life in Italy, the attitudes of the people in his region, and his favorite activities there.

An American Chiropractor living in Hamburg, Germany

What is expat life like for a New Yorker who has been living in Europe's richest city for the past nine years? Mark, a chiropractor in private practice, describes some of the ups and downs of living in Hamburg, Germany. He also shares some tips, observations, and insights about the local attitude, culture, and cost of living that others who are considering moving to Germany might find helpful.

Moving from the UK to Spain - Craig Tells His Story About Living in Spain As An Expat

Wanting a new lifestyle for himself and his family was one of the reasons why Craig moved from the UK to Spain. The experience has not been trouble-free, but he has learned valuable lessons from mistakes committed during the first years. One lesson he may have learned is that he is more than resilient and strong enough to recover from his losses, and that despite everything, he is enjoying all the pleasures that living and working in Spain can bring. Oliveoil123

Learning to Speak Russian is Not Easy - Learn What This Expat from England Has To Tell you

Adjusting to life in Moscow, Russia hasn't been easy for this particular expat who comes from England. But plans are afoot for learning to speak the language and getting to know more of the local people. Hopefully the experience will turn more positive for him there as time passes.