A Chilean Expat Living in Belgium

It has been more than five years since Leylandra left her home in Chile to move to Belgium, where she now lives and works in the city of Leuven with her husband. Her desire to live and work in an international setting is being fulfilled as she has made friends with many other expats as well as Belgians. Here she describes how learning French and English has been good for her job and everyday life, the cost of some goods, and what she thinks about some aspects of Belgian behavior.

Brussels, Je T'Aime

"I love you, Brussels" pretty much sums up what American expat Jodi feels about living in Belgium's capital city. The hassle she underwent getting her visa doesn't seem to have dampened her exuberance for life in Brussels, as you may see when you read about what she has to say about the locals, the language, and living and working in Europe.

Living La Vita Bella in Italy - One Gelato at a Time!

We are Americans who got Italian citizenship and moved to Italy.

Life can sometimes get a little too laid-back in Italy, according to Sarah, but life can be wonderful there overall. Read what she has to say about the people, the food, and the importance of establishing personal relationships there.


Live Your Dream, Just Like I'm Doing!

Kristin took a chance, followed her inner voice, and is now living her dream of running a teacher-training program in Florence, the art capital of Italy. Read on to learn how she did it, what she thinks of living in Italy as an American expat, and her advice for those thinking of moving to Italy to teach or to just live there. Kristin Lanese

A Vibrant New Life in Rotterdam for an Asian-American Expat

I love the city and I really enjoy living in this country. This sums up what Asian-American expat William feels about living in the Dutch port city of Rotterdam with his partner since moving there in August 2010. A dance educator by profession, it isn't surprising to learn that William takes great pleasure in the city's diverse arts culture. Read on to learn more about how he is relishing expat life in the Netherlands. dance

Selling French Dreams to Clients

Life in France isn't perfect; just ask British expat Peter, who has been living there since 2001. But the improvement in his and his wife's quality of life since moving to France makes up for the (in)famous French bureaucracy. As a real estate professional, Peter offers some useful information on finding accommodation in France, as well as tips on what to remember if you want to move to France.

First steps into Finland: Moving to be with a Finn?

Days of idleness aren't something this British expat living in Finland have too many of; indeed, her days are filled with activities such as learning the language, finding a job, and getting to know the locals. Despite the similarities between English and Finnish culture, she encounters challenges that make the experience a richer one.

An English Expat Exploring Every Corner of Belgium

Getting out of the comfort zone is something this British expat experienced by moving to Belgium, and experiences in the expatriate life continue for her and her partner in the town of Arlon. Here she talks about her efforts to learn French, the cost of living there, and her plans to go expatting somewhere else next time.

Started in New Zealand, sailed around the world and for now I call Australia home!!

Originally from New Zealand, JJ can probably be called an expert when it comes to expat living, having resided in several countries before finally settling down in Brisbane, Australia. Learn about how she indulges her passion for travel while keeping her feet firmly on the ground with the business she set up, and read her advice on how to get along with the locals. JJ Stranan

An American Expat Navigates Life in London

Living in London, England has brought some interesting experiences to the lives of American expat Tina and her husband, not the least of which involve cultural differences despite the sharing of a common language. Here she mentions what she likes best about living in London, as well as what she doesn't like about it.