Two Adults and a Cat Relocate to Switzerland


We're "Flexpats" - Not Quite Expats Yet!

Taking care of other people's houses and pets via house and pet sitting is a satisfying for UK-born freelance workers James and Jemma, since it allows them a taste of expat life. They are currently house-sitting in Portugal's capital city of Lisbon, where the people are friendly, the weather sublime, and the cost of living comparatively more affordable.

Fifty Shades of Red in Italy

Here in Italy...I have peace of mind and a lovely home. This is one of the many things that Australian-born Cat has to say as an expat living in Italy. Read on to discover more about her views as a writer, mother, and traveler who calls the northern Italian countryside home.

A Weak American in Russia & Ukraine

Walter is an American writer who divides his time between Washington, D.C. and Kyiv (Kiev) in Ukraine. He is the author of the book A Weak American in Russia & Ukraine, which details various aspects of the post-Soviet life there. In this interview, he shares some of the contradictions that living in Ukraine can bring, and the deeper, more meaningful dimensions of Ukrainian life behind the picturesque scenery.

Life in the Forest of Fika - a New Yorker moves to small-town Sweden

How is a big-city girl like Amy finding small-town life? New Yorker Amy shares plenty of her observations about living in Växjö, Sweden, which seems thousands of miles away from the Big Apple, and not just in terms of physical distance. Read on to think what she thinks of the Swedish people, speaking and writing the language, and the prospect of raising children there.

Don't really think of myself as an "Ex-Pat" more as a "European Citizen"

Originally from Scotland, Ian has been living in France since the early 1990s, where he moved after almost 40 years in Germany. It isn't any surprise to learn that he has mastered French and the local patois, in addition to German, and that he has become familiar with the local customs. Read on to find out what he likes and dislikes about living in France's Languedoc-Rouissillon region, and why it's important to accept and understand the local culture even if one doesn't necessarily like some of its aspects.

A Travel Writer in Istanbul Shares Her Experiences

The hidden gems in Istanbul are just part of what Helen appreciates about living in Turkey. She works as a writer and editor for an online travel guide, and here she describes why she fell in love with the city and decided to stay. She also gives some tips on things to do and learn in Istanbul.

Expat in Jutland

Charlie is no stranger to living as an expat in Denmark since he had already lived there some years ago. Read on to learn about the things he appreciates about living in Denmark (great health care!) as well as some of the things that tick him off.

The Netherlands: Welkom, from a Russian Expat

Russian expat Alexne has acclimitized to life in Amsterdam in the Netherlands: she speaks Dutch and gets along well with the locals and others in this multicultural city. Here, she gives some tips on what to keep in mind when planning a move to the Netherlands.

An Australian in The Hague: Another View of Expat Life in the Netherlands

Living in The Hague in the Netherlands has been quite an experience for Australian expat Meg so far. She describes liking aspects of life there, such as the open political culture, the ease of traveling to other countries, and the architecture. But she also gives a straightforward account of what she doesn't like so much about living in Holland. Read on to learn more about her thoughts and observations about the people, the culture, and the importance of learning the language.