Living and Working in England - Interviews with Expats Living in England

Many, many expats have made England (United Kingdom) their home and as a number of them will state, the move hasn't been easy for the most part. Yet despite all the challenges that come with having to adjust to the weather and the cost of living, few can deny the attraction of these isles -- whether it be the fascinating history, beautiful scenery, cosmopolitan flavor, or that famous understated brand of Brit humor.

An American Expat Navigates Life in London

Living in London, England has brought some interesting experiences to the lives of American expat Tina and her husband, not the least of which involve cultural differences despite the sharing of a common language. Here she mentions what she likes best about living in London, as well as what she doesn't like about it.

An American expat in a small village outside Sheffield, UK

Expat life in England is proving to be a challenging one for American expat Denise, and there are plenty of lessons she has learned and is continuing to learn. Here she talks about how she came to be living in the UK in the first place, the cost of living in her part of England, and her tips for those considering a move to the UK.

Outsider on the Inside: An American in Oxford

American expat Miranda has always wanted to live in England; she's living that dream now in Oxford, where she studies and works. Here she shares with us the challenges and joys of living in the UK, cost of living information, her favorite things to do there, and how being an outsider in Oxford can be such a special experience.

My life in North Wales (UK)

American expat Clare lives with her family in Wales in the UK, where they moved to in 2007. Here she describes aspects of her family's expat life there, like how the children are learning to speak Welsh and how well they have been treated by the locals. She also has some advice on moving to and living in the UK.

Pinay's life in the Shire

Eve will soon be marking her first decade as a Filipina expat in England, in Buckinghamshire, where she lives with her family. She tells us what she likes about living just outside London, gives us a glimpse of some of her family's daily and annual expenses there, and shares her thoughts on local customs and behaviors. Eve Greenaway